Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Agent 47: Spygate Atlanta

Was it coincidence?

Or was it the most secretive and ingenious implementation of spying since Moe Berg, Maxwell Smart, and Matt Walsh were making a living?

Did Tom Glavine take off his virtual good guy mask to expose his true self on September 30th, 2007? Was he nothing more than Nicholas Cage in Face Off, where Cage's character gets plastic surgery to look like John Travolta to make sure that L.A. blows up? Tom Glavine was Castor Troy with Sean Archer's face ... and he was successful in blowing up the Mets playoff hopes last season.

Now, Glavine is back to being Castor Troy. The old scars and the old uniform are unmistakable. And it's time for a little revenge ... with John Maine as Sean Archer for the 1PM premiere of Face Off Two: Your Uniform is Ugly. The good thing about this sequel is that it can't be worse than the original like most sequels are.

But of course, in the really good sequels like The Empire Strikes Back, the good guy doesn't always win. But good sequels never fail when it comes to carnage, chase scenes, and devastation.

Oh, sorry ... no devastation. Only disappointment.


MetFanMac said...

"Face Off Two: Your Uniform is Ugly"

Reason #698 to love your blog. Keep 'em coming.

Gary from Long Island said...

hahaha. Willie exposes you mets fans as the racists you are! of course now you bash him more for pointing out the truth.

Hmmm. Remember when Lastings Milledge showed the 'emotion' and 'fire' that you demand...But how did you mets fans react to him? You called him a disgrace to the game and someone who was 'out of control'.

Hmmm. You are all hypocrites and don't deserve a great manager like willie. He is a gentleman and a world champion and you are all just Mutts fans.

tim said...

I'll take a cheesy ending like Return of the Jedi anytime here, you know, John Maine will look above the dugout and see Hodges, Agee, and Seaver (i know he's not dead) and we'll walk away with a blowout complete game win we could have seen coming if Lucas sent us the teaser script. And don't forget, Rocky not only gets married in Rocky II he wins the title. Now Rocky II may not be Empire Strikes Back but who can beat Han Solo being frozen in carbonite. I MEAN, HAN SOLO IS FROZEN IN CARBONITE! I'm still a little shaken by that one.

By the way, when did we give the right of speech to yankee fans from long island. That's like living on 29th and 7th avenue and being an Islander fan--retaaahhhded!

Anonymous said...

Metstradamus, you are my hero.

tim, those LI Yankee fans are a scary bunch, and to be avoided at all costs.