Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Head In The Hills

Watch the following video:

What you just saw was:

A) One of the great musical moments in one of the highest grossing films of its time.
B) The signature moment in the career of Julie Andrews.
C) Carlos Delgado covering first base in the fourth inning against the Cubs today, helping along their two game sweep.


upstate met fan said...

C ?

How many more games is Omar willing to let go before he realizes that Delgado.Heilman.Willie, the three headed stooges, will kill this Met season? I almost got into an car accident while listening to the game.. Delgado blows!

whozgotnext said...

The interesting dynamic here is that it was Omar who signed Delgado, but it is Willie's job that he's putting at risk. The question is how long Willie stays with him... long enough to destroy his own job security? He doesn't have an obvious option on the roster. And it's unlikely that Omar will come to Willie's rescue by replacing a guy who he himself signed for huge money.

The plot thickens.

Anonymous said...

can't wait til alou and schnieder come back


elliot said...

Hey, anonymous - replace Delgado in your lineup with Mike Jacobs, and see how it looks then.

If only...

Toasty Joe said...

It'a always admirable when someone can be as useful with the glove as he is with the bat.

Anonymous said...

So now that Julie Andrews can't sing like she used to, at the ripe age of 73 I am thinking she should pick up a first-baseman's glove and give it a shot.

Apparently she can hit for average, and still has some pop in her bat, too.

katherine said...

It's only fair to give Carlos some credit. He is not the only one to make an error in the last three games!

And Carlos, for a guy who is not a defense specialist spends every game scooping David's bad throws out of the dirt, or catching them high and wide and tagging the runner in the basepath. When David won his Gold Glove, I thought he ought to give 25% of it to Carlos.

But I admit, and this is the second year now, my heart just sinks when he comes up to bat in a big situation. I agree with dropping him down to sixth or seventh.

Unser said...


Is it time to put Sosa in the Mota category yet? How many big home runs will he give up in late innings? Never liked this guy. Sosa is a bigger problem than Heilman.

Deb said...

Sosa for Mota! Sosa for Mota! Hee hee hee....

John, your wit and humor never cease to amaze me, and today's post is no exception.

MetFanMac said...

Sosa had actually pitched pretty decently up until that two-out shot. In fact, the whole bullpen pitched (on the whole) admirably, with NO inherited runners scoring.

It's bittersweet to be proven right about my pre-2006 statement: Jacobs for Delgado is dumb, dumb, dumb.