Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why Does Aaron Heilman Insist on Torturing Me?

I hate being right.

You think I enjoy this? You think I enjoy being right about things like this?

"Don't make me look like a moron and implode against the Phillies (Now watch him do it just to spite me.)." -Metstradamus on Aaron Heilman, just about 24 hours ago.

So what does he do? And more importantly, how long did it take for him to do it?

I'll tell you how long: two pitches. Two lousy pitches. From 5-1 to 5-4 in just two pitches thanks to Heilman and Greg Dobbs.

That's what I get for trying to give a middle reliever credit for pitching scoreless innings instead of merely blasting them for giving up big home runs. Stupid me trying to empathize and be true to my Libra sign and be fair.

Well ha ha, very funny Aaron Heilman. Bet you got a good laugh out of that one. You've made me look like a moron for the last time!!!


On the bright side, hey they won!

And on the brighter side, Johan Santana pitched a helluva game (before Heilman made his line look worse than it should have been), with the bullpen in need of a rest after a 14-inning game. Certain Mets fans should be expecting a letter in the mail soon because of this game. Here's a sneak peek*:

*Disclaimer: Not an actual letter. Please don't sue.


Gonzo said...

Well, maybe Johan didn't deserve the line he got, but it wasnt Heilman's fault. I blame Willie. Why oh why take out Johan? So he's at 100 pitches. As Michael Scott would say, B.F.D. Willie's gotta know the Phils KILL his relievers. I gotta say, I was BEGGING for Johan to come outta the game.

Of course, it worked out in the long run for you guys. Kudos to you. Good luck the rest of the series. We blew our chance last night.

Metstradamus said...


I see your point. But if Heilman's your eighth inning guy, and you're in the eighth inning, and Johan is starting to give it up a bit, I don't see that Willie really had a choice. Think how Willie would get killed if he left him in, and all of a sudden Ken Rosenthal's by the dugout on FOX tommorrow and starts his sentence with "Johan Santana woke up this morning with a twinge in his..."

Mr. Gee21 said...

Well, the other good news besides the win is that Heilman may not be the 8th inning guy that much longer, given the return of Sanchez. Fine by me.

PS: Wow, cheering a guy who gets nailed in the head and is seeing stars while face down in the dirt? Booing when he gets up?

Classless, thy name is Philadelphia.

SNK said...

I think johan was showing signs of getting tired and starting to leave balls up in the zone. Keep in mind it is still april, there is no reason to stretch a guy past 100 this early in the season. Pulling Johan was the right move, i think.

Putting in Heilman was not. I like the guy and think he will be just fine, but his numbers against the Phils are horrible. Absolutely horrible. They own him. Please give him the rest of the weekend off!

The current Mets bullpen actually has pretty good numbers against the you take out Aaron, that is!

upstate met fan said...

I have a ZEROS and HEROS list in my blog. Guess where which list Heilman is on?

Demitri said...

Yeah - the cheering for Reyes' injury was really a new low.

I'm really embarrassed for this town. They (we) should be ashamed.

Unser said...

Where did you find that '70s letterhead? Was there an auction of Joan Payson's stationary?

katherine said...

OK - I hope I am not breaking an unspoken baseball-blog rule by pointing out:


metswalkoffs said...


Friday may have been our sports fan equivalent of a home run

* The Mets won
* The Phillies lost
* The Yankees lost
* Tom Glavine got DL'd
* Isiah Thomas got fired
* The Rangers won a playoff series

Does it get any better than that?

Metstradamus said...

With the cherry on top being Sean Avery calling Martin Brodeur "Fatso" after the game.

He puts the FU back in FUN!