Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Answer To Your Questions

The good thing about old grudges is that they eventually die hard. Even today, where players and public figures take great care to keep the media at arm's length from their dirty laundry ... everything comes out eventually in some form or another.

The Mets feelings towards former golden child Gregg Jefferies came out when one of Jefferies former teammates, Roger McDowell, taunted Jefferies into starting a brawl during the last home game of the '89 season. It was then that we started to get a good idea about the cracks in the clubhouse that Jefferies caused, albeit unknowingly or unwillingly.

Which brings us to tonight ... when the Mets meet up with former teammate Paul Lo Duca. During the two seasons that Lo Duca was here, we heard how Lo Duca had it in for latin players. There were lots of denials, and you couldn't find too many people that put a lot of stock in it, including myself. But if there truly was something to it, if there was some lingering bitterness somewhere towards Lo Duca from the clubhouse, chances are we'll find out on the field at some point over the next three games. And if there wasn't, we'll find that out too.

What we do know is that Lo Duca wants his former team to lose every game. The way the Mets have played so far this season, he's getting more of his wish than any of us have ever expected.

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