Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dancing Machine

All right, I'm all for Jose Reyes dancing ... but it seems that he might have gone a little bit overboard as he was making up for lost dances after his two run dinger in the seventh inning provided the margin of victory over the Phillies on Saturday. I mean, you tell me:

Oh sorry, that was just the rehearsal before the game. This was Reyes' routine after the home run. Unfortunately, the clip ended about 20 seconds and two dances too soon. But full marks to the FOX cameraman knowing that he had to pan backwards to catch the Reyes "Lean Back" move.

Of course, FOX loses points for their montage at the beginning of the game which featured members of the Mets and Phillies, and included Lastings Milledge.


Heilman came into Saturday's game against the Phillies with the bases loaded and one out, and promptly gave up a single to Carlos Ruiz. But then he redeemed himself by promptly striking out Geoff Jenkins and Jayson Werth, thereby saving the day.


katherine said...

I am just waiting for all the old fogeys to say, Oh, he shouldn't do it til he gets in the dugout, it'll make the opposing team MAD..... I am really scratching my head over the inference that the opposing players generally don't try very hard, and so we don't want to give them any reason to make a real effort. And Tim McCarver's MORONIC assertion that the Marlins scored those seven runs last year because of Jose's dancing the game before.

And while I am being critical, it seems to me that FOX baseball coverage starts with the assumption that people aren't really interested in the game itself, so they have to have lots of distracting graphics, cute stories, and sermonizing over how things aren't the way they used to be, to entertain us.

Gonzo said...

Katherine, I agree with you on the FOX graphics and over-the-topness of the game. They confuse us with football fans who have ADD and need constant entertainment.

I must admit, the cute stories about Tim and Richie Ashburn brought a tear to my eye. I love those cute stories. There was a time where they had a Whitey in every booth around the Majors. I miss those times.

Anonymous said...

Haven't long time Mets fans suffered enough without having watch games on FOX and listen to their idiotic announcers!?