Wednesday, April 16, 2008

25 Bottles Of Butch On The Wall

Jackie Robinson is nothing short of a baseball icon ... a pioneer of the highest order. If he wasn't baseball's best player ever, he sure might have been its most important.

But seeing every New York Met wear the number 42 tonight in honor of the 61st anniversary of Robinson breaking the color barrier didn't make me think of how important Jackie Robinson was. It made me think: "Gee, I wonder what Butch Huskey is doing now." Because I didn't see 25 Jackie Robinsons tonight.

I saw 25 Butch Huskeys.

(Sounds like a weird dream ... "all of a sudden I'm in a field of marshmallow fluff and I see 25 Butch Huskeys flying around my head.")

Now 25 Dodgers wearing 42 would make me think of Jackie Robinson. But to see Jose Reyes wear 42 made me think he gained weight. I mean, he moved fast, but he just looked slow. Thankfully, Jose didn't hit like Butch Huskey, going 4 for 5 and taking his rightful place as the most important Met right now, leading the Mets to a 6-0 victory over the Nationals. Tied for most important are Mike Pelfrey with his seven shutout innings and David Wright and his five RBI's.

A close second is the long-awaited return of Filthy Sanchez to the ranks of the active, pitching a scoreless ninth inning.

(Side note: Was it mere coincidence that at the very moment SNY revealed their poll results regarding whether it's unfair to boo the Mets so early in the season, Aaron Heilman entered the game?)


Unser said...

I actually thought Reyes looked like a little kid wearing his Dad's oversized 42 jersey.

Thought of a good song for the 8th Inning - Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard. It's a tune you can sing-a-long to, written by a native Queens man and its lyrics mention Corona and a Hispanic kid named Julio, which meshes with the current Mets. Anyone with me on this?

Geoff said...

I think that's a pretty good choice, though given the way this team is up and down like a yo-yo lately, as well as its sudden resurgence into the mainstream (Thank you Sopranos) and overall awesomeness "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey is the obvious choice in my book

geoff said...

also, Schneider gunning down Milledge to erase his double has to be my favorite play of the year so far

Anonymous said...

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benny blanco from da bronx said...

Butch Huskey has actually been "coaching" and hanging out in the Mets Fantasy Camp thing the Mets hold in January. Where middle age guys form teams and play against each other on the St. Lucie fields and get real major league uniforms and treatment.
That's where Huskey has been!

Anonymous said...

Norm Cash? His grin on his 1968 baseball card is unforgettable. Have you no shame, man?

Metstradamus said...


You have to look at that list as a whole ... and note the date.

Charity said...

I still really really really really really really really REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY

Hate Aaron Heilman.

That is all.

Also if we come up for the final game at Shea will you direct us to the best pizza place in town?

Metstradamus said...


Famous Pizza. 75th and 37th. (And there's one by Elmhurst Ave. too). Can't go wrong with the individual size pizzas. I'm sure many who read this will go with the more traditional slice at other places, but if I had one pizza to eat before I go, that's the one I go with ... one individual sized meatball pizza.

Big Mac said...

Ha, I was a little kid living in Binghamton when Huskey came up through AA with Binghamton. I loved the guy. Now my parents have a 12 year old German Shephard named Huskey. Figure that one out. To name my dogs off Griffey (after Sr. not Jr.), Huskey (yes after Butch) Paige (Satchel) and Reese (Pee Wee). My wife decided to name our most recent dog Bella, and unfortunately the only baseball name close enough is Fat Albert.

Metstradamus said...

Big Mac,

Outstanding! I throw my sport fully behind naming animals after sports stars.

Anonymous said...

My dog's name is Seaver.