Thursday, April 24, 2008

Studio Perspective

Harold Reynolds was fired over a hug. Meanwhile, others who supposedly perform much worse acts still have a job. It's the way of life, unfortunately. But fortunately, Baseball Tonight's loss is the Mets' gain ... as Reynolds will now be in the SNY studio to provide analysis. This is excellent news because Reynolds has always been solid, meaning: he's never made me throw my shoe through my television (others can't say that.)

But I have to show concern from this quote from Reynolds:
"I've never worked on a 'local' broadcast," Reynolds said. "I hope to bring some national perspective."
Harold ... buddy, national perspective is Steve Phillips building a virtual shrine to Carlos Zambrano for getting calls, but calling John Maine "lucky" for doing the same thing. National perspective is why we needed a network our very own ... to get away from national perspective!

But seriously, welcome aboard, Harold! Just go easy on that national perspective. (And a word to the wise, don't move Lee Mazzilli's hair gel. He doesn't like that.)

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montgomery said...

i totally agree - i really used to enjoy listening to harold reynolds on espn, and was disappointed to see him go. this will be great. kruk is also awesome. phillips has always struck me as a pretty dumb guy.