Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Murder Is Never An Answer

I swear to you that this is a direct quote from the Mike and the Mad Dog show at about 5:35 PM today:

"There's not a solution in sight first half of the season ... Maybe there is in July, maybe in July they can get a first baseman, they could kill him, they could bench him, they can do a million things then." -Chris Russo, on what the Mets can do regarding Carlos Delgado and his slump.
They could kill him?

Damn, I know baseball has an anti-trust exemption but I don't think it covers murder.

They could kill him?


Gee, I guess that first day that Delgado gets a rest, the SNY announcers will have something to speculate about besides "Is he hurt" or "Is he fatigued" or even "Is he stuck in traffic". No, now the boys in the booth will actually have to wonder if he's dead.

They could kill him?

Where exactly would they hide the body?

And if the Mets are in fact allowed to use this option, how many of these type of transactions are they allowed in a season? Would the Mets have to put Delgado on waivers before they take him out back and kill him? In that case, Ruben Gotay should be relieved that the Braves picked him up off of waivers before the Mets resorted to the "Chris Russo Rule".

Somebody who's not as technologically deficient as I am needs to be a You Tube Hero and get this quote to the masses ... stat! Meanwhile, I'll be busy laughing my head off. Thanks, Dog.


whozgotnext said...

Do listeners have the same option for radio hosts?

Unser said...

Post 999 - my all-time favorite. Good yuks throughout - especially the antitrust exemption line.

Question: Did Russo pronounce "kill him" properly?

Too bad the killing option wasn't around for Foster, Samuel, Bonilla, Fernandez, Alomar, Burnitz and Mota.

Rickey Henderson said...

Kill him? Heh.

"Can't do that dawg, you just can't do that"