Monday, April 07, 2008

Maekgaibeo Kal Santana

So this is the way it's going to be this season.

Oh yeah. Just let Johan do everything, just like it was with Pedro in 2005. Let's not hit for Johan. Let's blow leads for Johan. Let's let Johan make all the spectacular fielding plays. Let's let Johan get on base for all of us. Let's not score until Johan leaves, but before then, lets turn a 1-0 deficit into 3-0. Let's make life extremely difficult because Johan Santana will find a way to get us out of it. Sure.

He gets paid all the money, what does he need with run support? He can buy runs. Sure, it's easy not to score against John Smoltz. But Johan's so good, we don't even need to score against the likes of Will Ohman and Peter Moylan. Oh, and Blaine Boyer too. Because Johan will get us out of it. He's our MacGyver. All he needs is a rubber band, a shoelace, and some lighter fluid. He'll balance pots and pans on a bag of ice that melts from heat produced by a toaster oven if he has to. He doesn't need runs!

Doesn't matter that we lost 3-0, Johan will get us out of that jam. We'll be 3-2 by the time the home opener comes around.


Anonymous said...

I've got to say that there was something particularly satisfying about taking two from the Mets and their two best pitchers right after Metsradamus dismissed us as not even in contention for winning the DIVISION, much less anything else. You said we would be lucky to break .500. But it was like old times yesterday afternoon as I sat in the 26th row behind home plate next to a Mets fan I did not know, and watched as he became increasingly dejected. In the 9th all the life went back into him, only to get sucked out again. The Mets still can't win at Turner Field. The Mets still can't beat the Braves. Order has been restored to the baseball universe.

Anonymous said...


The last two games were like reliving trauma from my childhood.

Krup said...

typical braves fan -- can't even leave a fake name.

we'll see you in new york. i think it's a little early to gloat and think your twisted baseball universe has been restored.

Unser said...

Shut out by Smoltz for 5 innings - understandable.

Shut out by the Braves bullpen for 4 innings - absolutely unacceptable.

Delgado getting doubled first on a fairly routine fly out to center - bush league and warrants a fine.

Beltran striking out without even taking the bat off his shoulders in the 9th - bizarre

Dawn said...

I don't know why (I should be used to it by now) but it still amazes me how every single Mets fan thinks that if the Mets lose, it's never because the opponent was better. They just can't accept the fact that maybe their players didn't just have a bizarro bad day or at bat or moment ... maybe the Braves are just good.

Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey can deal with offense having off days. It happens. What aggrevates Rickey much more than the lack of hitting for Santana is the fact that any loss from the Mets' #5 starting pitcher (seriously, who the fuck is he anyway? do we even know?) completely negates a Satnana win.

Demitri said...

please, a new post Metstra, so I can stop binge drinking after this latest loss to the Ph*ils.

Anonymous said...

"Why? Why must life be so hard?!?"

Argh. Tomorrow's headlines are going to suck.