Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Hell

It was exactly 11 months ago yesterday when a Saturday afternoon game featuring Ben Sheets and the Milwaukee Brewers turned into a romp fest for the Beer Heads. Eleven months later, it's Johan Santana instead of a shaky Mike Pelfrey, so this was a game that was supposed to highlight the difference between last season and this season.

Well the only thing different was Gabe Kapler instead of J.J. Hardy going deep (along with Bill Hall and Rickie Weeks) against the Mets and the result was practically the same ... Mets get beat by long balls and Johan Santana losing his Shea debut (and getting booed too ... welcome to the team, Johan!)

The one thing that was similar was the play where Santana went to first base too quickly with Corey Hart on third, Hart walked home as Santana failed to pay attention to him. Eleven months earlier, it was a botched rundown which lead to a Brewer run which should never have scored.

Flashbacks stink. I hope they don't return in my dreams as I sob myself to sleep.


MetFanMac said...

So far, the Mets have been 1-1, 2-2, 4-4, 5-5 and 6-6. This neither a flashback to 2007 (fortunately) nor 2006 (unfortunately) but to 2005, a season I remember as The Year the Mets Could Not Escape the .500 Mark.

katherine said...

I went through the somewhat painful exercise of reviewing on this morning the fateful 7th inning homer in yesterday's game. I did hear a few scattered boos, but it seemed to me they may have been for Willie, who was on his way out to the mound, and Johan actually got a round of applause when he walked into the dugout. Maybe people who were at Shea would have a different viewpoint, though.
Never having actually booed out loud one of my own team's players at a game, I can't get into the heads of people who do that. But it doesn't seem like it has come to that, yet, with Johan.

Anonymous said...

bwahahaha. northeast democrats always boo people who don't subscibe to their demented ways. they have no loyalty and only demand more more more. Nothing is ever good enough.

Too bad Johan didn't join a team from a patriotic city like atlanta where real americans live and appreciate and support those from their communities.

is it any wonder why real americans have rejected liberalism and all support a strong leader like Bush.

haha. i love it.

katherine said...

Anonymous - is that a satirical comment? Or are you seriously suggesting that if I exchange my hybrid for a pick-up truck, display a big flag on my front porch, keep a firearm in my home, gain 60 lbs and wear tammy faye makeup and big hair, the Mets might win more games?

Actually, it might almost be worth it. Except the 60 lbs part.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon @ 11:43 ... no littering.

Unser said...

During that 15 in a row run by Sheets, did anyone consider stepping out of the box or breaking his rhythm? Jeez, it was like the Mets couldn't wait to end the game. Pretty pitiful at-bats.

Anonymous said...

Unless WIllie gets canned, it will be an 85 win year-but who will replace him?