Saturday, April 12, 2008

Triumphant Return

Congratulations, Nelson Figueroa. Your first major league appearance since '04 was a highly successful one. Not only was your return to the majors a heartwarming story, but with your six strong innings of work you've taken your first step up the ladder of the Met History Hierarchy ... that is to say, you're one step above the likes of Geremi Gonzalez, Chan Ho Park, and Jose Lima.

It would have been a shame for you to bomb as the other three have ... what with your family going insane for you in the luxury box. It would have been a shame to have your name lumped in with the others like some sort of law firm from hell (Park, Lima, Gonzalez and Figueroa LLC). Nobody in Shea wanted that fate to befall you. Instead, you were more than adequate ... heck you were damn good ... you were so good that people in Ohio thought you had 14 K's through four innings instead of the four you actually had! Although to be honest, we all knew you weren't getting that no-hitter that you had through four and 2/3 ... because as nice a story as you are, no-hitters just don't happen around these parts. Sorry, Charlie. But damn fine job anyway, dude.

Now while you're treating your shoulder, can you be sure to save some Icy Hot for Jose Reyes' tight hamstring, please? And if there's some left over, Luis Castillo's knees? Thanks.

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