Sunday, April 09, 2006

What Would Julio Franco Do?

I wasn't going to post on Saturday, due to the rainout. Sure, I was upset that it rained and that yesterday's matchup...Dontrelle vs. Tommy Two Teeth...was going to be pushed back until tomorrow. So I thought, what could I possibly have witty to say about rain?

But then Julio Franco called me. He reminded me that I shouldn't let rain get to me. Then he asked me a question:

"What would God do?"

And I thought about it. You know, it made perfect sense. If God were a blogger, He would post on a rainy day. And if He could post, then darn it so could I.

I haven't been the only one to wonder what God would do. And maybe Carlos is correct...God probably would have taken a curtain call. But if God batted third for the Mets, do you really think He would have been booed in the first place? Think about it...with all of the unholy things that have happened to the Mets in their history, you don't think God would have something really twisted up his sleeve if Met fans were stupid enough to boo Him?

Phillies fans? Yes.

But God would never play for the Phillies...not after they booed Mike Schmidt. God ain't stupid.


Exit 117 said...

I believe God bats 5th for the New York Mets.

coolbreez said...

I think god is a yankee fan.I mean think about it. It would explain everything. Any thoughts on how to convert God to a mets fan???

Mets Beast said...

could u be God?
check out my post on wright n reyes

Baard Dahl said...

If God played for the mets, I'm sure he would have done something about the rain... or at least put a retractable roof over the ballpark