Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Split Personality

There are two Victor Zambranos. We wonder which Victor Zambrano will show up every five days.

The problem is that neither Victor is very good.

The first Victor walks about 6 or 7 in five innings. The second Victor will throw a lot of strikes, but get hammered as he did last night. Consider that last season, in starts where Zambrano walked two or less batters, he's 2-5. Some of those losses can be blamed on not enough run support, but not all of them. When Victor isn't walking home the park, he's getting hammered.

You would think with two Victors, his trade value would be doubled. But as you know, double of zero is still zero.

But double of Andruw Jones is disaster.

It's hard to say that this afternoon's tilt between Tom Glavine and Tim Hudson is a must have for the Mets. After all, there's six more Braves/Mets games coming up in the next two weeks. But Tuesday night's 7-1 loss, one not only in which the Braves overcame their injuries and the Mets did not, but a loss that saw the Mets revert to their "we can't hit virtual rookies to save our lives" mode, makes Wednesday's game the first big test of the psyche of this club. And as irony would have it, it's up to Glavine to do what he's never done before...beat his former employer.

Losing two of three to these depleted Braves puts Atlanta firmly in the Mets' heads the rest of the season.


Freak of Nature said...

I don't know if he's two, but I do know he's lousy. If Trachesel doesn't get a little more respect from Willie, he's making a big mistake.

I'd say today is a must win!

Watched the game on 11, the other day. Where's Seaver? Seaver and Keith was cool, they tear apart everyone.

OJ is Not Moral said...

It was not morul for OJ to slice his wife and Ron GOldman.

Tom Seaver is a DRunk said...

Most honest Met fans will tell you that Tom Seaver has become nothing more than a Fat Drunken, Womanizing loser.

Anonymous said...

If you thought last ngiht was bad, wait until Hudson buzzes through a lineup of Valentin, Chavez and/or AHern/Woody. Let's hope Cliff is ready.