Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cut The Red One? They're ALL Red!

All throughout this long game I'm thinking "somebody diffuse this bomb before it blows up".
Here is the Mets offense trying to figure out which wire to cut before the Mets run out of not time, but pitchers.

Think about it, 12 inning, 13 inning, 14 inning game...tick tick tick, as the Mets go from Oliver, to Filthy, to Heilman, to Country Time, to Feliciano, to Blueback...and you wonder how much Blueback has left in him before he gives way as he enters his third inning. But he's gotta keep going until his arm falls off. Because there's only one other guy left, and you know who I'm talking about.

Wait, is there a starter available? Can't use Pedro, he goes tomorrow. Glavine? I hear if he doesn't have exactly 96 hours of rest between starts he melts. Trachsel went yesterday, so he's out. So who else is in the rotation...

Anybody in the stands want to get in a uniform and pitch?

But the bomb goes off in the fourteenth inning, as Chad Bradford gives up the first bullpen run in 21 plus innings to lead the Padres to a 2-1 victory. But let's blame Jorge Julio anyway, since if anyone can trust him he would have been in the game in inning fourteen. It also shows just how good this Met bullpen can be. They hadn't given up a run in six games. and it took them just about nine innings to get touched up tonight. Impressive.

But in a large park like this, where you can't depend on the long ball all that frequently (Carlos Delgado aside), the Mets really needed Jose Reyes to create some havoc on the bases. Oh for six with two K's isn't going to get it done. Have we forgotten already about the valuable lessons Rickey Henderson taught you? (Carlos Beltran hasn't...he missed another start with a hamstring injury.)

So the Mets enter tomorrow (or later today) with a tired bullpen needing Petey to go nine.

But Jorge Julio is fresh! Silver linings people, silver linings.


Anonymous said...

There's something to be said for Bradford's .354 BAA against lefties and him being left in to face switch hitting Blum and lefty Giles, but when Julio is the other option I can't place much blame.

jabair said...

why the hell does willie not give enough chances to woodward?? what the hell is valentin doing on this team??

blueback sux against lefties...
i would have taken my chances with julio

J. Mark English said...

Did you know that the Mets originated in the late 1800's? Check it out on my site...

take care,