Sunday, April 02, 2006

It's Crystal Ball Time!

My first prediction for this season...the very first one that popped into my head while peering into the crystal ball, was that there was going to be an incident regarding Anderson Hernandez's hair.

Hernandez probably had similar notions. He showed up for Friday's Cardinal game with a brand new haircut.

So after going back to the drawing board, here are some other prophecies I'm throwing up against the wall. Let's see if they stick:
  • The price of fame will be paid. There will be a rumor reported that will revolve around David Wright and a model. Might be true...might not. But the New York Post will be involved.
  • There will be an in-season acquisition for the starting rotation. It will not be Barry Zito. It will be somebody cheaper, and on a team that will fall apart during the regular season. This pitcher will come from the Bay Area. (Is that enough of a hint?)
  • I have to admit I've been intrigued by the prediction of one "the Metmaster", who sees in his own crystal ball that it will indeed be Victor Zambrano who will pitch the first Met no-hitter in history. I have to say that for a rookie, his ability to combine his knowledge of Met history with a heaping dose of irony makes him an up and coming soothsayer. Makes me proud.
  • My prediction is, the prediction of this "the Metmaster" doesn't have a cow's chance in McDonald's.
  • Pedro in 2006: 17-9, 3.52 ERA, 199 K's. Will be ever so slightly off in April.
  • As seen in my Florida Marlins preview, the Mets will lose the season series to the AAA Marlins.
  • Same premise: I see lack of success against Milwaukee, Houston, and Los Angeles.
  • Jose Reyes will double his walk total.
  • Kris Benson will not, I repeat, will not finish the season with the Orioles.
  • I'm not sure whether it will be because of the disabled list, or flat out retirement, but I predict that Mike Piazza will not play in his scheduled return to Shea Stadium in early August.
  • Tom Glavine against the Braves in 2006? Undefeated.
  • I fearlessly predict that there will be a Jerry Seinfeld guest appearance in the Mets announce booth sometime in 2006.
  • All right, that last one was a gimme...he's in the Mets booth every year. I just wanted to make sure I get at least one right.
  • My Mets walk off special: First one of the season...would you believe, Endy Chavez?
  • Kaz Matsui? We're stuck with him...all season. Sometime in the ensuing offseason, there will be reports of a missing 1986 World Championship ring.
  • Braden Looper will have more saves against the Mets in 2006 than Armando Benitez.
  • In the tradition of "The Curly Shuffle", "L.A. Woman", and "Who Let The Dogs Out", the Mets will once again adopt a song for the 2006 stretch run. The song will be not only be lame, it will be cheesy.
  • Carlos Delgado in 2006: 35 HR, 107 RBI, .289 AVG., 134 K's.
  • I see it necessary for Filthy Sanchez to get five filthy saves this season.
  • Brian Bannister: 6-7, 4.52 ERA in 2006. He'll flirt with a no hitter for say...4 and 1/3 innings.
  • The grand win total for the Mets? Well seeing as if I picked them for the division, it will have to be fairly high. Last season, we went with 83. This year with the improved bullpen and the juiced up (that's not funny) hitting, we'll go with...91.


Ironhands said...

1. 0 - Kahn-fidences
2. 0 - Can of Corns
3. 0 - Dunkin Donuts defensive alignments with the spotlight on Cliff Floyd
4. 0 - dogs in the broadcasting booth..."He's looking at you Teddy."
5. 0 - Shea will be rockin's

Will anyone else miss Francis Xavier Healy?

Cool Breez said...


1)Mets will finish first in our division
2)Marlins will win the wild card on the backs of Petit and jacobs.
3)The suprise Marlins meat up with the mets in the NLCS.
4)Mike jacobs is having an MVP 40hr/100rbi/year. hits better then Beltran did with the astros in the playoffs.
5) petit, jacobs and the rest of the AAAA squad sweep the mets and then go on to win in world series. Jacobs wins WS MVP . PETIT goes on to be a be a better pitcher than D-TRAIN.
6)The Marlins become the "New Braves" that the mets can not beat.

gbaked said...

I dont think Looper is going to be closing, but i still agree with your prediction.

I think bannister is going to do alittle better then that, a 500 record with an era closer to 4. Along with the improvement of reyes, it will be one of the highlights of the year.

Who let the dogs out, and The Curly Shuffle: lame and cheesy
LA Woman: awesome

Metstradamus said...

gbaked, Looper will indeed not be closing. But he's going to back into a save.

Darth Marc said...

Wow...a member of the empire predicts more wins for the scions of Shea than the Oracle of Flushing? Wow...where's the faith?

Bangbay said...

Hey, Bannister flirted with a no hitter for 5 1/3 today. You almost got it right.

Jay said...

For I tihknk all of those except Duaner Sacchez will happen. And Brian Bannister idd flirt with a no-hitter you wre one inning off though.