Saturday, April 15, 2006

Days Like This

What? You thought every game was going to be easy? You thought it was going to be 16-3 games the rest of the season?

Of course you didn't. You're a Met fan. And your momma said there'd be days like this.

At least my momma did. She was a Dodger fan, so she should know.

Lucky for us, Tom Glavine is making like Sandy Koufax with his eleven strikeouts in six innings, and after some Maalox moments with the bullpen, the Mets are now 8-1 after a 4-3 victory.

Certainly took long enough after an hour and a half rain delay, but the rain and mist was probably a welcome addition to Glavine's dead fish pitches tonight. It certainly wasn't a welcome addition to Bill Hall's day, as his fifth inning error allowed the eventual winning run to stay on base and eventually score on Carlos Delgado's fielder's choice.

But Glavine was the story tonight. His willingness to pitch inside is key here. I can imagine why an old man like Glavine who makes his living on the outside corner and could no longer break a pane of glass with his fastball would be reluctant to pitch inside and risk having his mistakes travel with an orbit. But once he started doing that (which was around the time I had his career dead and buried, coincidentally after a Brewers game), it's been quite Koufax-ian. And the boos that Glavine once heard at Shea have long stopped.

Speaking of boos, it was quite hysterical to hear Aaron Heilman get booed by the Shea faithful after his abysmal performance tonight in the seventh inning. I'm sure it's been weird for Met fans to witness baseball so solid that it's rare that someone on this team deserves to get booed. So the first bad performance was sure to be met with a little more gusto...especially since we weren't going to see Jorge Julio in this close game. So poor Aaron Heilman received the boo bomb. Well, I shouldn't say poor Aaron Heilman. After all, his ERA was a healthy infinity tonight.

But lucky for us, there's Filthy Sanchez. And he picked up for Aaron, and gutted through the eighth inning to get the Mets to Country Time. And Country Time got the Mets 1-2-3, with a fastball that seems to be gaining steam...much like the team he plays for.

And speaking of karma, here's why there was good karma for the Mets tonight against Milwaukee: The class A affiliate of the very Brewers that were in Shea tonight, the West Virginia Power, welcomed former Met catcher Ed Hearn tonight as their special guest in conjunction with their "Power of Donation" night. Hearn is a proponent of organ and tissue donation and his story, which most of you know, is amazing.

The good karma reached up all the way to the bigs tonight.


One last note that's not Met related but it's hysterical so I'll mention it anyway. After a two and a half hour rain delay, the Giants and Dodgers are currently in the first inning. It is absolutely surreal to hear Dodger fans basically bombard Barry Bonds while in left field with "Barry Sucks" chants (helped along by the Dodger organist), and chants of "Steeeer-ooooids". And the Giants announcing team of Glen Kuiper and Mike Krukow aren't saying one word about it.

As you know, Barry Bonds is facing perjury charges for lying on his own ESPN show.


Mets Beast said...

sanchez saved our ass... there was no radar gun in the latter part of the game, but wagner looked like he was getting it to about 95-96 mph, considering the one carlos lee hit 873 feet foul flashed by the shea radar gun board, and said 95 mph... i think im going to the game tomorrow, and hopefully they can pull another annihilation against tomo ohka

Metstradamus said...

Beast, the b'cast team said that Wagner got up to 94.

Tommy_Calzone said...

I was there last week and conveniently the radar didn't work when Billy came in. I think the team is doing that for 2 reasons.

1- So the other team can't see if Billy is right or not.

2- So Billy can't see what he is poppin at this early in season;

Metstradamus said...

Interesting. More Queens conspiracies.

Radar guns are overrated anyway...especially with the development of the two seamer and the cut fastball. All about movement. said...


Hey normally I agree with you regarding the radar gun, but don't u think that it matters with Billy in the long run? I think he's one of the few pitchers out there that relies heavily on the fact that his fastball is hard and heavy. He reminds me a bit of Jason Schmidt. With Pedro I'm not worried about his velocity unless it's an indication that he's hurt. With Wagner it would concern me if it were later in the year -- I'm not sure Wagner would be nearly as effective with a 94 MPH fastball.

For now, I'm not worried, b/c he was hurt durin the spring and didn't get to build his arm strength. In the past he traditionally has thrown in the low to mid 90s during the spring and has gotten rocked. As I've said in my blog.... 99 MPH is a ferrari, 92 MPH is a ford.

This being said -- isn't it nice to be a met fan when they're 8-1! WOWZA!

Metstradamus said...

Mighty Mets,

You're correct, especially for a closer. And you have to worry about a bigger problem with Wagner if his velocity being down is a permanent situation.

But if Country Time can mix 94 mph with his slider that he's gaining more and more confidence in, then I wouldn't worry about that extra mph or two. Just the same way that if he does get back to 99, it's still going to be hit out by good hitters.

I'm worried, but not that worried, about our closers velocity. I think he'll get back to 95/96 mph and he'll be fine. I hope.

Tommy_Calzone said...

I don't see it as a conspiracy.

Just home field advantage.