Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Roger Racist

I write a symposium on booing and I forget to mention Roger Clemens?

Well I knew there was a reason. I was waiting for a special occasion...and here it is. Like a gift from the lords of baseball.

Roger Clemens: the ultimate April Fool. Boo!

Update: In what is unbelievably the only other google result of this story, this link from the Houston Chronicle clarifies what Clemens said, and it seems that Clemens was talking about one specific dry cleaner, and not in fact painting them with broad starch.


erik love said...

Met$tra, that was sooo racist

I haven't heard a slur that bad since the whole Tiger Woods "fried chicken" fiasco

Why would he say that?

That's crazy

Hell, i'm offended,

And i'm black!

erik love said...

How did you find that anyway?

ESPN hasn't picked up on it....yet

benny said...

I gaurantee you won't hear ANYTHING about his quote because Roger Clemens is such a folk hero and because he's white.
If Barry Bonds said some shit like that, i'd be a WRAP for him.

iamSINATRA said...

It's a Canadian news source.

Interesting that the US media is simply stating that Clemens made "racy remarks". Not one has had the balls to quote him. WTF?

I'm the lone Met fan who actually loves Clemens. I'd have no problem calling him an a$$hole for this stupidity.

There has to be another reason as to why the US media won't print or playback the quotes. I just can't see Clemens having such pull over these guys. It makes no sense.

G-Fafif said...

My grandfather was a dry cleaner in Jackson Heights. If he were still with us, I would have asked him to please pour benzene all over the Rocket's shirts. And his father-in-law, the tailor-in-residence, would have chased Clemens with a pair of shears clear out onto Roosevelt Avenue.

(Seriously, they tell me he was crazy as a loon, but in this case his behavior would be condoned.)

Tommy_Calzone said...

What's your problem with Hebner?

That list is like "one of these things is not like the others!"

Did I miss something besides the X connection?

fredstradamus said...

At least Woods explained what Fuzzy said ... they're old friends, and they joked among one another. I'm cool like that.

I don't believe Roger, who probably has done as much juicing as Barry, Giambi, Sheff, Sosa and McGuire, even goes to the dry cleaners on his own.

What a backwoods, redneck schmuck. He was when he spraypainted his initials on the Shea dugout walls, and he is now. Only fatter.

Dan in Texas said...

Tom, who writes for the Rangers, had some choice words for Clemens

"Clemens made yet another appearance at the Ballpark in Arlington. Does this guy just want free food or something? SH#% OR GET OFF THE POT! I personally believe this guy just wants to see how much free crap Hicks will give him. At this point, I could care less wheather or not this guy signs or not."

Mets fans aren't the only fans who hate him

Metstradamus said...


Yeah it was a stretch, but Hebner did give Mets fans the finger once if I'm not mistaken.

Tommy_Calzone said...

True, well when in doubt there is always Clemens, Cedeno & Rocker to hate.

Tommy_Calzone said...

Oh yeah by the way, Keith is the new FRANdimonium!

Between the fur coat & the corny comments....whew

Kyle in Newport News said...

Nats 9, Mets 4.

Well, we can conclude that experiment now. Better to get it out of the way, I say. JJ can head to AAA.

Mets Beast said...

kyle... i want to kill somebody right now

kyle in newport news said...

meet the mets, it's rather frightening that my first thought also involved killing. what strange passions crappy relief pitchers can stir in us, in game #2 no less!

but like i said, it's better to get rid of him now than to have him stink up several more games in a less obvious manner.

kyle in newport news said...

You can count on the booing to stop now that Carlos Beltran leads the Mets in ROBs (runs-on-balks).

Mets Beast said...

haha kyle i agree with u on both comments... i'd write a blog but its 11:30 n i gotta go to skool n take a test tomorrow... ill probably write one tomorrow