Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Food For Thought

Would anybody like to repeat the question to Willie Randolph about who the fourth starter on the club is?

The outcry from most Met fans when Steve Trachsel was relegated to fifth starter status was that Trax was fed a heaping tablespoonful of disrespect. I maintained then, as I do know, that Willie Randolph, in calling Trachsel the fifth starter, was merely trying to keep Victor Zambrano's trade value afloat by inflating his value in public.

But now that Zambrano's trade value and public perception can't be resuscitated by ER doctors, brain surgeons, or cartoon fairies, it's time for Willie Randolph to show Trachsel a heaping bowl full of love after his solid pitching performance led the Mets to a 4-1 victory tonight. Trachsel has been jerked around before, but back when the Mets had an embarrassment of riches in the starting rotation. But now, with only five starting pitchers for five starting slots...all right, four and a half...there's no excuse for Randolph to comment about Trachsel with double talk and non-commitals. If the plan is to play for this year, Steve Trachsel gives the Mets a better chance to win than Victor Zambrano...and now that the fact is obvious to all, it's time to acknowledge it.

The unsung hero of tonight's game is Paul Lo Duca. Not only did he drive in the first run of the game on a first inning single (and scoring that run by the way was Jose Reyes...proving that the Mets chances are much better when he's getting on base), he threw out speedy Randy Winn in the bottom of the sixth just ahead of X's dinger to give the Mets the lead for good.

Also, tonight's ballgame was an illustration of how different the game is when you have a bullpen you can trust. Jamey Wright led off the sixth by lining out in front of what became a harmless walk by Winn. Steve Trachsel, meanwhile, was pinch hit for in the top of the seventh after it became a 2-1 game. Granted, the score was different in each case...but in a 1-1 game in the sixth, is Felipe Alou more inclined to pinch hit for Wright after six innings if he had a bullpen he could count on? Randolph, unlike his counterpart, showed no hesitation in pinch hitting for Trachsel to go to Filthy Sanchez, who's been hotter than a Derek Bell crackpipe this season. I wonder what Alou would have done in the sixth if he had more filth in his bullpen.

Nice to see Cliff Floyd go splash in the eighth, even though it was a bad call on David Wright's infield single which made it happen. You aren't going to see me apologizing though, not after that Knoblauch call in 2000. Yeah, I'm still bitter...I apologize for nothing.


Tommy_Calzone said...

Figures the one game I fall asleep on the entire road trip and it is the best all around game they played out west yet.

Hey, what ever happened to that really political wacko that posted on here?

He was good entertainment LMAO.

Put a contract out on him, Damus?

Tommy_Calzone said...

Oh yeah and I can't believe DB is suckin the glass dick.

I liked him he was a solid player for one year and seemed a good team mate like he had his head on straight. He was funny how he lived on his yacht by shea all season & even his pitching was hysterical.

By the way....Check out newsday looks like DW takin shots at Beltran for not playing thru pain. Can we DL this guy already please!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog pretty much everyday, sometimes twice if you make another post. And still, I can't get over that picture of Hammer you have in the standings...priceless

Gary eats much chocolate said...

Ma ma monkey!!
Sa sa stupid!!!

Ta ta toothey!!!!!



Go Yankees!

jabair said...

flyod hit a moon shot.. thats bonds country out there... and bonds usually hit towering flies into the water.. floyds shot travelled farther than any thing ive seen from bonds in terms of distance and how quickly it left the yard..

the local sport radio jerk offs are still whining about the DW call... they dont realize that they were already down 2-1 and im certain a 1 run margin is enough for filthy & country time... even julio is chasing down herscheisers record.. LOL..

jabair said...

"I want to be out there and be involved," Wright said. "You get that helpless feeling when you're sitting on the bench. I don't want to be that guy. I'll take a guy on my team that doesn't have as much talent but wants to play through minor injuries than somebody who has superstar talent but is soft."


jabair said...



Metstradamus said...


A hit? I don't know what you're talking about.

But if I were the guy posting about Mutt$ fans are losers and baba booey, I'd watch my back...I'm just saying.

Buckstothedessertin07 said...

Hey Mestra. it's your O-State connection confused as to where we go with Bannister down and out now...With him eating his wheaties and trying to get back on track we'll only have two sure shots hurlers and another solid one. Zambrano couldn't pitch to save the lives of his children being held for ransom!!

Metstradamus said...

Yo Bucknuts!

First off, what's with those uniforms? Why do the Buckeyes look like the Badgers?

My initial guess is that Heilman would slide into the rotation, but he's been solid in his relief role, and something tells me that Willie will not want to hurt the bullpen by doing that, but he may not have a choice.

I would rather have Kaz Ishii than Zambrano at this point. What does that tell you?

By the way, were you guys in Dayton to see your guys in the basketball tourney? I was at the UD arena and I apologize if you were there and that I didn't tip you off to my arrival.