Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dream Sequence

I'm sure Mets fans who stayed up late to watch this 8-1 victory thought that this was the perfect scenario: Mike Piazza hits a HR, and the Mets still win.

Most Met fans will probably report this as an 9-0 win.
But I wonder if Padre fans will rue the day they signed Mike Piazza instead of trading for, say...Fluff Castro?

Castro and his mammoth sized head went three for five with a homer and a couple of RBI's. Combine that with X's homer and two RBI's and Carlos Delgado's wave of his mighty thunderstick for the third time in three games, and you have offense...finally.

Just as needed, Petey went 7 innings to help out a tired bullpen. Aces are required to pick up for their bullpen, and the Mets' ace did exactly that and then some, only giving up 2 hits and striking out 11.

By the way, you think I'm bad? Keith Hernandez was worried about the tying run getting on deck if Mike Piazza got a hit off of Jorge Julio (which he did). Here's the problem: it was 8-1! Hernandez forgot about the two runs scored in the top of the ninth. All it took was one half inning for Keith to forget. So see? Even the best of 'em blow it every once in a while.

Chasing Hershiser: Jorge Julio's consecutive scoreless innings streak is at 5 and 1/3 innings. Orel Hershiser's record is only 53 and 2/3 innings away.


Anonymous said...

Julio lowered his ERA to 8.31.
Orel would be proud. Now all Peterson has to do is spend another 10 minutes with Zambrano and we are going to have a magical season.

Matt said...

hahaha i can't stop laughing at the Chasing Hershiser comment...well played, great post.

now for sleep.

jabair said...

i second that HA HA at the chasing hersheiser comment...

good to see piazza hit one out... i really wanted him to get to 400 HRs as a met and cliff to get to 100 RBI's in 2005

I witnessed piazza hit a HR 3 nights in a row @ candlestick park against the giants back in 1999.. ventura hit one of his world famous grand slams during that series...

i just hope to god zambrano doesnt blow it tomorrow.. (im on the west coast. its not sunday yet) he would probably choke again tomorrow just because i posted on here... im really trying my luck by posting on here metstra..

i propose a motion to refer to crapzano as Kaz Ishii 2006 or Ishii 2.0 from now on?

will someone please second my motion??

jdon said...

we needed the 8 runs tomorrow. we may need more, actually.

Tommy_Calzone said...

Maybe you can add a new meter to the sidebar for shits & giggles

"Pepto Julio current scoreless inning streak"

Or something to that effect.

Tommy_Calzone said...

VZ doesn't even warrant full point status.

Perhaps Ishii 1.5

Anonymous said...

castro is the hispanic shrek. they look like twins.

you got to love him though.


Kelly said...

You forgot to mention those God awful uniforms the Padres were wearing. They were very distracting as I was watching the game. Tho they were for a good cause.

Metstradamus said...

Tommy, check under Reyes...I'm well ahead of you.

Metstradamus said...

Kelly, those things are always weird. The Pods have done that for a number of years now. I do like the green helmets though.

Tommy_Calzone said...

You never let me down man!