Thursday, October 20, 2005

A World Series Preview: Metstradamus Style

So now we know. It's the White Sox and the Astros in the 2005 World Series.

I have to say as I type the words it's extremely weird to imagine that these two particular teams are playing in the fall classic. Strange.

Not a bad thing, just strange. I'm sure it's just as strange for White Sox fans and Astros fans to wake up this morning and realize that their team is playing in the World Series. I know it was bizarre for me when I woke up 19 years ago today and thought "Oh my goodness, the Mets are in the World Series!"

But now that we know the participants, it's time to break it down and pick a winner. But this is me we're talking be forewarned that this isn't going to be your typical World Series preview:

Former Mets: The White Sox have Timo Perez, who helped cost the Mets a victory in the 2000 World Series, and Carl Everett, who became a hothead upon leaving the Mets. The Astros have Jose Vizcaino, who as a Met was beloved, and Dan Wheeler, who was on the mound to close out the NLCS. The Astros also employed John Franco at one point this season before they released him (how must he be feeling right about now?) and Scott Strickland is in their system.

Edge: Astros

Former Yankees: The White Sox employ Orlando Hernandez, who the Mets defeated for his only career postseason loss, Chris Widger and Jose Contreras. The Astros have Vizcaino, who as a Yankee defeated the Mets in game one in 2000 with a walk off, Andy Pettitte, and Roger Clemens. The 'Stros also have former Yankees Russ Springer and Charles Gipson.

Edge: White Sox, not even close.

Sentimental Stories: For the Astros, it's Craig Biggio (20 seasons) and Jeff Bagwell (16 seasons) who not only have waited forever to play in a World Series, but somewhere in the back of their minds they must have had a thought for former teammate Darryl Kile, especially after getting to the World Series in St. Louis, where Kile pitched his final game. For the White Sox, it's Jermaine Dye, who might have gone to the World Series except for the fact that he broke his leg on a foul ball in the 2001 ALDS against the Yankees.

Edge: Big one to the Astros

Movies: "Eight Men Out" for the Chisox, "Bad News Bears in Breaking Training" for the Astros.

Edge: White Sox

What Yankee fans think: This one says that the White Sox will defeat anyone in the N.L.

Edge: Astros

Bars: Astros: "Cooter's". White Sox: I thought all of Chicago was one big drinking establishment.

Edge: White Sox

Old Uniforms: White Sox: Collared uniforms and shorts. Astros: Rainbow Brite.

Edge: There can be no winners.

Dynasties: White Sox: Jerry Reinsdorf oversaw the Chicago Bulls double 3-peats. Astros: The late John McMullen owned the New Jersey Devils during their three Stanley Cups in 9 seasons.

Edge: White Sox, although it would be fun to see Scott Stevens lay an open ice hit on Scottie Pippen.

Cubs fans: We know they are fuming that the White Sox are in the World Series (they're even trying some reverse psychology), but at one point last season, a couple of Cubs fans had the bright idea to try to bring a billy goat into Minute Maid Park, knowing they would be turned away...they were, and these guys thought that the curse of the billy goat had been transferred to the 'Stros. Now that they are in the series, Cubs fans are basically screwed all the way around.

Edge: White Sox

The Final Verdict: Game Six of the 1986 World Series was started by Roger Clemens. Clemens might very well start Games one, four, and seven of the 2005 World Series. That gives Metstradamus a clear rooting interest in this one.

White Sox in seven games.


jabair said...

Disco Demolition Night

Anonymous said...

Nick Bakay is alive and well and he is Metsradamus.

Have to root for the Colt 45's because of the "Original Killer B's"

Astros in 6


Darth Marc said...

We're rooting for Astros because of Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzell???

Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Tom Seaver pitched for the White Sox, and Bill Veeck actually gave a damn about the fans: Edge Chicago

Joe said...

With all of this World Series talk going on, lets not overlook the newest reason to hate the Orioles. Shakin Mazzone is their new pitching coach.

Eric said...

Hilarious, especially no winners in the former uniform comment.

You pretty much summed up the reasons I am rooting for the ChiSox this year. Throw in the fact that the Sox are treated like second class citizens by the press in their own city. Blue-collar fan base. Only negative is the father and son Sox fans beating the crap out of the Royals 3B coach.

Additional reasons I am rooting against 'Stros. Hate them since '86 and the cheating Scuffy Scott. Most famous fan is George Bush (sorry to get political here, just my personal point of view, I respect someone who would hate the Razorbacks for the ralationship with Clinton) and the most important reason, exponentially, Roger Clemens.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe...why do we have to hate the Orioles...You should be happy because:
1. Mazzone is not with the Braves anymore and
2. Mazzone is not with the Yankees

I would like to see the ChiSox win, too...but I think it is a better story if Bagwell and Biggio win..they are the face of the Astros, not Clemens. I am pretty sure that is what Lidge was thinking when he gave up the bomb to Pujols (MVP in my opinion). I know for a fact that Timo Perez was not thinking about John Franco in 2000.

Anonymous said...

last post by Mario

Metstradamus said...

Nick Bakay died?

I'm just living the dream.

Joe said...

While it is true that I hate the Orioles less than I would hate either of the Yanks or Braves if Mazzone went to either of them, I still hate Mazzone for all he has done since 1990 and the rest of the Orioles are guilty by association.

Kyle in Newport News said...


I'm not saying you're wrong, and I think you're probably right, but isn't Bush pulling for the Astros the equivalent of Steinbrenner donning a Mets cap?

Eric said...


Sorry about the confusion, I meant the father, former President George H.W. bush. Not that I got anything against him anymore, just the spawn of satan he created.

jabair said...

only queers and steers come from texas.. and i dont see no horns...

agree with eric on the bush factor...

eventhough i feel bad for biggio & bagwell, my hatred for clemens and texas in general outweighs my sympathies for the killer Bees...

ChiSox in 5

Kate said...

Hey Metstra,

In honour of your Todd Zeile side column, I thought you and your readers might enjoy this latest ditty from The Onion..

MLB Introduces Todd Zeile Award For Participation
October 20, 2005 | Onion Sports

MILWAUKEE—In recognition of Todd Zeile, who took an active part in over 2,000 games while playing for 11 different teams, the MLB commissioner's office has dedicated an award in his name, to be presented annually to honorary participants in America's pastime. "Major League Baseball understands that not everyone can be the Most Valuable Player, and we want to let these other players know that we nonetheless appreciate their effort and support their continued interest in the game of baseball," commissioner Bud Selig said. "In the spirit of Mr. Zeile, this award celebrates a player's commitment to the sport, his outstanding attendance, and the embodiment of the game's most important qualities: taking the field, giving it your all, and making new friends." This year's recipients will include all players who exemplified the true meaning of baseball by willingly competing in over 60 percent of his team's games.

Link at

Metstradamus said...

"making new friends"

That was wicked hysterical! Thanks Kate!

Kate said...

Aww, you're welcome, Metstra. When I first read the article, I actually wondered if you had taken a side job writing for the Onion. :-)

Now.. inquiring minds want to know.. who are your nominees for this year's highly coveted Todd Zeile award?

Joe said...

Now Duquette joins the Orioles - I don't hate Duquette but I know a number of you out there do.

And the Todd Zeille Award!

Metsradamus- you've got some work to do!

Metstradamus said...

I know. That's a tough one. I have to think about that one...