Monday, October 31, 2005

Fright Night

Funny thing happened as I sat at home today and the doorbell rang...could it be my first trick or treater?


Trick or treat.

Wow, that's an...uh, interesting get-up. Who are you supposed to be?

Can't you tell by my obvious shoulder injury?

No sir I don't.

I'm Braden Looper.

Ooooooohhh, that's a genius costume...I should have known you were dressing up as the former Mets closer.

No no, I'm actually Braden Looper.

Oh. (Long pause). Well, you want some candy.

Actually, I'd like a job. My option was declined. Can you get me a closer's gig?

Well I'm a soothsayer, not a general manager. Hey, who's that trotting circles around you?

Oh that's my buddy. He's dressed as Joe Randa. Part of the costume.

Oh. think that's going to help get you a job?

No, but I figured at least it could get me some candy or a warm meal. I'm hungry.

I see. Well, I don't think I can help you, but hey, if you see the kid dressed as Theo Epstein driving up the block, why don't you hook up with him and make a big super costume. I hear he's looking for a job too.

You mean the guy carrying the two babies?

Those are no babies...those are his kids dressed as Manny Ramirez and Doug Mientkiewicz.

OK, I'll see if I can find them. Thank you sir.

Thank you. And here, here's a pack of Life Savers.
Happy Halloween.


Rhonda's Raunchy Rednecks said...

yea, i'm an idiot and i didn't get that.

nice blog tho.

Metstradamus said...


Thank you. I must say that is a highly disturbing photo/animation. Your picture reminds me of what the Mets do to their fans every time they raise the price of bottled water.

Please visit again and bring your raunchy rednecks with you.

erik love said...

How was your first (and last) good weekend?

I'm very interested in knowing how it was....


Kyle in Newport News said...

Speaking of the price of bottled water, has Shea ever had water fountains?

Metstradamus said... was great! Although I think the Jets still lost.

You of all people should hope we have at least one more good week (we do have Carolina on the schedule...and I almost had tickets to that game).

Kyle, I think perhaps long long ago there were water fountains back when I was a youngin'. It was before the Mets realized they could charge for the same water.

I'm not 100% sure on that though.