Sunday, October 02, 2005

We're Number Three!

So who acted as the Mets version of T-Rex Pennebaker and gave the big speech after the brutal road trip...standing up and saying "Hey, we can still finish in third place"?

T-Rex Beltran?

T-Rex Cameron?

Danny Graves?

Mr. Met?

And who is the old guy trying to get his 3000th hit at age 47?

Not Mike Piazza. He's still trying to be Mr. 400 (Will Piazza retire and own a "Mr. 397" ice cream stand while doing commercials for Viagra with Angela Bassett?)

And only Jose Offerman is older than 47. Although he kind of looks like Bernie Mac trying to play first base.

You don't hate me because I sign autographs.
You don't hate me because I tell you what's on my mind.
But you hate me because I am the worst fielders alive! (as he boots another throw from third)

But the Mets have clinched at least a share of third place with their 3-1 victory tonight, as they're one game ahead of the Marlins with one game to go. (I believe the tie breaker for third place would be a knife fight between Guillermo Mota and Mike Piazza, and it will be at the Shea Stadium parking lot since the Mets won the coin flip). They also clinched 83 victories, the number I targeted for them...and with the Rockies just looking to get out of Dodge (who was that pitching tonight, Tony Esposito, or his brother Phil?) don't be surprised if its 84.

Whoever gave the speech, it worked.

Jeff Musselman can be Big Horse Borelli for the big reunion.


Kyle in Newport News said...

Number 3/4 now, tied with the Marlins. What a taint that is. Still, the best record since 2000... I'm not complaining. BUT, if the Mets had played dead against the Phillies last week, the Phillies would be tied with the Braves atop the NL East.

Metstradamus said...

And the Phillies would have been the champs with the Braves the wild card based on the Phillies holding a 10-9 edge in head to head play...the Astros would have been out.

Although I have a feeling the Braves would have played a bit better this week if they had something to play for, which they didn't because the Mets didn't play dead.

Funny the way life works.