Monday, October 17, 2005

One Wound Stirred Fresh...Add One Tbsp Of Salt

Weren't the Astros supposed to be finished after a 15-30 start? Wasn't losing Carlos Beltran, who's unreal postseason was the very ingredient that carried them to within one game of the World Series? Wasn't he an indispensable cog in the Astros machine?

Apparently not, since the Astros are back to the same spot where they ended last season: within one game of the World Series...without Carlos Beltran.

So do we really need Houston manager Phil Garner (who when asked by Metstradamus how he was enjoying Los Angeles in 1988 after being traded to the Dodgers replied "'s there.") to rub it in by saying this:

"I didn't necessarily think it was a big loss...One of my things that I feel is, if you put so much of your capital in any one player, it's going to hurt you...So I think it might have been a little bit of a blessing. I applaud our owner for going the extra mile and trying to make that happen, but I think it probably was a blessing in disguise...We didn't miss a beat...That's not to say that Carlos Beltran is not a great player; he is. But I don't think our club has suffered. I think we have actually become a better ballclub because of it."
One more win, and the Astros will be a better ballclub.

Thanks for the reminder regarding why I'm pulling for St. Louis, Phil.


jdon said...

The Astros are a perfect example of why pitching is paramount. They are very likely going to the world series with a shit lineup. Having said that, I still want Manny. But I would like another stud pitcher from someplace. And a closer. We can do 2B with some spit and bailing wire. Then I can die happy.

Shari said...

How aggravating is it? I actually want the Astros to get in since they never had a shot at the World Series, but I am aggeravated that Beltran got that contract from the Mets solely on 8 games in the post season, and as it turns out Houston can do it without him. Good teams find a win to win no matter what. it's that simple I guess, we all want it to be so much more and it really isn't.