Sunday, October 23, 2005

More Random Things That Bug Me

Did I miss something or did FOX never show the individual pre-game introductions last night before game one of the World Series?

The powers that be at major league baseball aren't that clueless as to eliminate pre-game introductions. Well, maybe they are, but the players were introduced last night. But after FOX's bloated half hour pre-game show, otherwise entitled "Let's Pretend Jeanne Zelasko is a Journalist as she Tugs at your Heartstrings for Thirty Minutes", Jose Contreras is warming up at just a shade after eight o'clock.

Great, the game starts relatively on time. But at the cost of the pre-game intros?

I mean, am I old (hypothetical question, don't answer that) or are the pre-game intros a staple of the World Series? Isn't the point to introduce the two champions to the world, who may not know who they are? Couldn't we have sacrificed some of Kevin Kennedy blah blah blahs for some tradition?

Or have FOX's consultants told them that pre-game introductions don't bring in the right demographics?


I've been meaning to complain about this all season:

Who started this wacko policy that requires a player on each 25 man roster to be assigned the task of removing another player's batting helmet when he enters the dugout after scoring a run?

Aren't there bat boys for this? And speaking of clubhouse assistants, do their tips go down as they have more and more of their duties taken away by players like Doug Mientkiewicz?

Have the bat boys become too busy writing books that players need to take on some of their duties?

Or do the bat boys need to unionize?


Sometimes, karma takes a nap for five years...
But when it wakes up, it's a bitch. Right, Roger?


Minglet said...

vizcaino does it again..kinda makes you hate benitez a little more doesn't it?

Minglet said... i type it..posednik goes deep...something the mets never had a chance to do after jose's dagger

Metstradamus said...

Somewhere there's an Astrodamus cursing out a referee that can't tell a bat from a bone.

jabair said...

referee = umpire in baseball metstra!!

the umps during last years playoffs would get together to get the call correct, this year, they are really managing to screw it up big time.

I still dont think baseball is ready for instant replay.

In cricket, they have 2 umpires on teh field and another one up in the video booth. the teams cannot appeal the on-field umpire to check with the video umpire. the field umpire must on his own ask for help and they often do that oon bang bang plays. it takes not more than 5 more seconds to get the call right

jabair said...

over at

Valetine's team nears title
Bobby Valentine's Chiba Lotte Marines are two victories from winning their first Japan Series title in 31 years.

The Marines beat the Hanshin Tigers 10-0 in Game 2 Sunday behind sixth-inning homers by Saburo Omura, Matt Franco and Lee Seung-yeop.

Lotte starter Shunsuke Watanabe held the Central League champion Tigers to four hits over the distance.

"It was a great team effort," said Valentine, the former manager of the New York Mets and Texas Rangers. "Watanabe was fabulous and the hitters were just as good. This is a team that I'm very proud of."

The Marines defeated the Tigers 10-1 in Saturday's opener. The Tigers came into the series after a 17-day layoff and have looked sluggish. The best-of-seven series shifts to Koshien Stadium for Game 3 on Tuesday.

Valentine isn't worried about his team losing momentum.

"We will be playing a great team at a great ballpark with great fans," he said. "So it will be very exciting."

bobby V sounds like a old samurai... sounds like he is trying to be politically correct... everything is great, fabulous, great team effort.. worthy oponent, honor, discipline, etc.. like an old kung fu master...

opening soon in hartford, CT... Bobby valentine's Karate Dojo..

Metstradamus said...

Ref...ump...same filthy animal.

Anonymous said...

Actually, they did cover the intros before game 1--but they skipped the reserves & coaches...The White Sox seemed confused about whether to high-five the scrubs or not.

There's plenty else to moan about--barely making it back from commercial; missing the Crede home run while talking to the freakin pitching coach. Ugh. Much as I like Joe Buck...

Two great games--gotta root for Oswalt now & get the Series to 6 or 7.