Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Prophecy Scorecard...

So now that the season is just about done, let's see how your soothsayer did in his July 14th predictions for the second half:

Prophecy: Kaz Ishii will not finish the season in the Mets rotation. In fact, he will not finish the season on the Mets roster.

Result: Ishii was on the roster to end the season but not in the rotation. He was even sent down to Norfolk at one point so I think it should count.

Prophecy: Mike Piazza will finish the season on the Mets roster, but will be dropped in the batting order. It will be Piazza who goes to Willie Randolph to ask him to do so, and take the pressure off of his manager.

Result: Another one I got half right, because I think it was actually Randolph's decision.

Prophecy: Benito Santiago will wear a uniform that says "Mets" before 2005 is over.

Result: He was released before he could come up. Someone decided that Mike DiFelice was one bench warmer too many.

Prophecy: Mike Pelfrey will not be signed before the end of the season.

Result: Ding ding ding ding! (He's not even close.)

Prophecy: My "Crossing Over" special. I see a trade. First baseman. Health issues. It will be a name that hasn't been mentioned before. There will be a major contract re-negotiation to make this deal reality. I see this trade happening well before the deadline, perhaps immediately after the Braves series. But I see the Mets going into a quick losing streak immediately after this trade happens.

Result: I was thinking Thome. There was no Thome trade. There was no trade. Just the long losing streak.

Prophecy: There will be a trade involving a utility player. Woodward, Anderson, or Cairo. There will not be any room for all of them.

Result: I have to stop eating spicy food before I soothsay.

Prophecy: Someone other than me will spell Mientkiewicz correctly.

Result: Correct!

Prophecy: The word "tightness" will be associated with Pedro Martinez.

Result: Various ailments, yes. Tightness, no.

Prophecy: Carlos Beltran's final stats: 24 HR's, 84 RBI's, 19 steals, .275 average, 93 runs.

Result: 16 HR's, 78 RBI's, 17 steals, .266 average, 83 runs. Not quite.

Prophecy: The Mets' bullpen still has one major collapse left this season...they'll blow a lead of at least six.

Result: Thankfully, they won that game.

Prophecy: There are nine games left with the Washington Nationals. One of those games will see a "W" next to the name of Stanton. Metstradamus will be swimming with hate, so don't forget to read this blog when that happens.

Result: There's one I'm glad I got wrong (although he came close).

Prophecy: Speaking of Stanton, the Nats sealed their fate by signing him...the Braves will win the N.L. East. Pencil the Nats in for the wild card though.

Result: Another one that's half correct.

Prophecy: One more Nat note, playing the part of Luis Aguayo will be Wil Cordero.

Result: The Mets actually signed Wil Cordero. Shouldn't that count?

Prophecy: I'll go with 83 wins. If it doesn't happen, blame my brother, who thinks he inherited the soothsayer gene.

Result: Aah, but it did happen, so I take full credit. HA!

By my count (including the halves I gave myself to pad the stats), that's 6 out of 14. That's a .429 average.

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jabair said...

for a batting average, thats great..

for a winning percentage.. that sux!!!

LOL... thanx for not going on "vacation" after the regular season ended!!!