Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Blessing In Disguise

So I'm hosting the annual fantasy hockey draft/poker night extraordinare, and the guy with the number one pick wanted Sidney Crosby. Coincidentally, and strangely, he didn't want the number one pick.

Make sense?

He was afraid that if Crosby was a bust, he would be second guessed forever. Better someone else have to make that tough call. If he dropped to say, fifth, then it wouldn't be such a leap to draft him. But first? Now that's a tough call for someone who hasn't played a game in the NHL.

Luckily for him, Crosby has nine points in his first seven games, so it's "so far, so good." But it could go the other way if Crosby hits a wall at some point.

If you've read this far, you're probably wondering "how the hell are you going to tie this in with something involving the Mets?" Either that, or you're thinking "I hate hockey! Screw you Metstradamus...screw you and your damn hockey!!!"

(Wouldn't be the first time.)

The Mets are now in the position not to have to worry about being second guessed. The one option that everyone had banked on going in to the offseason is no longer available. Manny Ramirez, he of the 10 and 5 status, has basically said "I ain't going to no Mets."

With the prospects that the Mets would no doubt have to give up in a deal for Manny, and with Manny's advancing age, and with Manny's "quirks", a deal for Ramirez would have every chance of exploding in Omar Minaya's face. Yeah, everyone including myself was wrong about Pedro Martinez...but Pedro at least was a free agent, the price in prospects was basically nil. Manny would require Anderson Hernandez...or Lastings Milledge...or both. And that would be just to start. All that for a player who's numbers are sure to drop to more normal levels after moving to Shea Stadium.

So unlike the Sidney Crosby dilemma, this is a decision the Mets will not have to make, and they still have the whole winter to figure out plan B.

That's B for "Blessing in disguise".


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the hockey part but re: Manny dude totally.

jabair said...

B for "Butt Naked Blessing"

maybe god is jumping back on the mets band wagon after 1969..

jdon said...

The mets offense needs two things--a good contact type hitter who bats .200 and gets on base...and Manny, a true 4 hitter with obscene RBI potential. Manny used to be a great 3 hitter but his batting average has dropped off a bit. His numbers in runs produced, however, is still Promethean. I want him even if he does not want us this Friday or this Saturday. As for anderson hernandez, I do not consider him a prospect ater watching him try to hit. His minor league resume had always been great field no hit before last season. It still looks like that to me. And he would not steal a ton of bases at the major league level from what I have seen of him. now I also remember that when Todd Hundley first came up for the mets he could not pull or drive a ball at all. But i do not expect Anderson to take steroids and gain 30 pounds.

jdon said...

correction: upon further consideration I think I would like that contact hitter I referred to to bat .300 or better.

Vinny said...

Crosby with the first pick? Yikes! I got him late in the second round of my league's draft. Gotta spend that first round pick on a goalie if you can.

And I actually benched Crosby last night because his +/- was hurting me, which will probably be the case all season since the Penguins don't bother playing any defense. So what does he do? He has 2 assists and is a +2 for the night.

Oh well.

Metstradamus said...

Vinny, our league is just points, assists and goalie wins, so goalies work out points wise to be just almost as good as the best scorers point wise. I don't think the first goalie went until the fourth round (although we just have five people).