Friday, July 04, 2008

Enter Cliche Fireworks Reference Here

Yeah, like this was a picture you didn't see coming.

Before we get to what was good about last night's 11-1 thumping, don't you find it ironic that after seven innings of our announce crew (mostly Keith) fawning over how great Cardinals fans were, that it was a Mets fan in Busch II that brought nachos to the booth after Keith and Gary were pining for them? Think about it, a Met fan at home in New York had to call his friend in St. Louis (long distance), and tell him to go wait on line (and most likely miss a half inning on line) and buy nachos with money out of his own pocket ... and then somehow get into the booth and offer it to the men who talked about how great Cardinals fans were for eight innings (none of which, I may add, brought Keith Hernandez nachos last night).

Now that is a great fan ... and as far as I'm concerned, a great American. On July 4th, I think it's only fair that Keith tell the fans of the New York Mets what great Americans they are.

And as far as I'm concerned, Mike Pelfrey is a great American as well ... what with his seven innings and his six strikeouts and his hard sinker. The Mets can use more great Americans this weekend as the four game series with the Phillies looms. I'll say this: If somehow the Mets lose the fourth of July matchup with starts out as Johan Santana vs. J.A. Happ, I may never watch baseball again.

(Editor's note: Luis Castillo was placed on the DL, so to replace his spot on the roster, and the spot of Carlos Muniz, who was basically sent down by Troy Glaus, the Mets called up Argenis "I look like Carlos Beltran with the cool blonde frosting in my hair" Reyes, and Chris Aguila. Those hoping for hard hitting Val Pascucci to be called up, keep hoping. Our gangster manager has no idea who Val Pascucci is. All right, let's be honest: when I know more about a minor leaguer than Snoop Manuel, that's a terrible sign.)

(Oh, one more thing: I'm proud to say I attended Andy Phillips' only start as a New York Met. Phillips was picked back up by the Reds, making some of my Las Vegas vacations longer than Phillips' tenure as a Met. Oh, and Phillips had three hits last night for Cincinnati after gaining his Met independence. Great.)

Happy Fourth of July. Keep the M-80's away from the children, put some Peter Luger's steak sauce on that burger (just trust me), and buy a Gary, Keith, and Ron shirt (nachos sold separately).


MetFanMac said...

Frankly, my knowledge of the Mets' hitting prospects is not all that great either.

katherine said...

Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

I also was indignant about the anti-Mets fans comments. We are not fair-weather fans. We boo because we love.

And the Cardinals fans' cheers after they got their one run were certainly sarcastic, or possibly they are just morons.

Lastly, I had the leisure to observe our new first base coach, and it came to me:
Separated at birth:
Ken Oberkfell and Sergeant Schultz

Anonymous said...

i particlarlyliked watching pelfrey cursing to the high heavens after he watched PUJOLS with a 9-0 lead. He was wearing his competitiveness on his sleeve. very encourging

Anonymous said...

i meant "walked"----sorry

Metstradamus said...

I knew what you meant :)