Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mets Activity At The Trade Deadline

Thankfully, the deadline for the Phillies and the Marlins looked about the same, as Manny will not be wearing teal but will be wearing blue (I for one would rather deal with Manny for a seven game series rather than 60 or so as a Marlin). But somehow, according to Steve Phillips, the Mets are the losers of the trade deadline. As such, the Mets have forfeited the rest of the season in shame. Because you know Steve Phillips ... and Steve Phillips knows baseball.


Anonymous said...

Where's a squeegee when you need one ... I have all this sarcasm on my monitor!

weesle909 said...

Did anyone think last fall that the NY Football Giants had enough to win the Super Bowl?

Well, as we know now - they did.

The Mets have enough as well.

It's more about putting it together at the right time than just throwing parts together.

And who exactly should we have traded, and for whom?

Sit back and enjoy the ride! This is going to be a three team battle to the end. The pennant race is the best part of baseball anyway. Plus which, you get to enjoy GaryKeithAndRon the rest of the way. If we're lucky enough to make the post season, we lose the best broadcast team I for one have ever seen.

ForWhomJayBellTolls said...

Steve Phillips has taken over as the biggest prick on television, at least how I see it. Former winners include Paul MacGuire, Tim McCarver, and Billy Packer.

(I still have my eye on you McCarver)

Anonymous said...

Somebody help me. I seem to have forgotten that powerhouse World Champion Mets team that Steve Phillips was intrumental in assembling.

He is the perfect example of "if you can't do it yourself, put the blame on others so you look better." What a turd.

Anonymous said...

Bwaha! your pathetic team actually thinks its good enough to compete. Our brilliant, 26 time world series winning management knew there were flaws and addressed them. With Manny gone, it is an easy road to the AL east crown. enjoy third place losers. And yes, you will be allowed on the yankee bandwagon in October, again

Anonymous said...

Steve Phillips doesnt know crap. Mo Vaughn, Robbie Alomar, fire Bobby V??
I am still not sure this is any better than an 85 win team, but they are certainly playing much better since Manuel has taken over.

Hope springs eternal


Anonymous said...

Maybe Steve feels they should have acquired Steve Reed for Jason Bay or perhaps Billy Taylor for Jason Isringhausen. Oh I forgot, those were his deadline deals.

Ed in Westchester said...

But Metstra, the Mets lost the most important battle when they did not make more trades than the Yankees did. You know, getting a clutch hitter like Nady, a shutdown reliever like Marte and a top tier catcher like Pudge.

The headline battle is much more important than the NL East battle. He should have traded whatever it took for Ibanez.


Anonymous said...

Yankees 4 life,

You are right. I have been trying to explain to these deluded Mutt$ fans that they will always be the junior varsity in this city.

The Yankees are truly what a baseball organization should be. The mets keep trying like a little kid brother who will never measure up to his older bro.

They tried to bring in some yankee discipline and class by hiring wilie but of course it failed since the mutts players are undisciplined and unprofessional.

Then the fans and management acts racist to a great class man like willie who had done a great job managing.

A disgusting act by a disgusting organization.

We will always love you in the bronx willie!

Anonymous said...

But for Steve Phillips, the Mets would not have had to attempt a trade for Jason Bay yesterday.

My concern is the pen. They've lost far too many games this year in the late innings because the pen either blew leads or allowed tack-on runs in close games. Maybe they'll pick up someone on waivers, or call up a guy like Kunz.

Hey, Paul LoDuca is now available. And he can play some left field. Anyone?

katherine said...

Unser, I really miss Paul. Sometimes I watched the Nationals' games just to see him. I didn't know he was released til I read your comment.

He wasn't having a very good season, though. Batting in the low 200's. And it was weird seeing him play first base.