Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In Yadier's Crosshairs

Not enough you break our hearts, Yadier ... now you try to kill us one by one?

Well, no use trying to figure out whether Tony Armas Jr. is going to be more Nelson Figueroa or more Alay Soler (actually, neither option is that good), but he was certainly a serviceable part Tuesday night, helping the Mets even their series with the Cardinals ... albeit with one very sore reliever who has a nice "National League" tattoo on the back of his leg courtesy of Yadier Molina.

The talk centered around Snoop Manuel playing Fluff Castro instead of Brian Schneider, Armas' batterymate from their Expos days. Castro responded by driving in three runs. That might be the best random button that Snoop has pushed since giving David Wright a rest (12 for 25 since).

Tonight is the rematch of one of those painful games from the last week of last season: Joel Pineiro vs. Pedro Martinez. And Pineiro hasn't won since April 29th. Just thought I'd point that out.

Damn you Yadier Molina.


katherine said...

How do I hate the Cardinals? Let me count the ways.

Yadier Molina, Tony La Russa with his stupid dyed hair, Albert Surly-Smirking Pujols, and now I add a hatred of their announcers, too. According to my mother, who has watched the Cardinal's broadcast for both games, they have been relentlessly badmouthing the Mets. She claims they even went so far as to discuss how Gary, Keith and Ron were saying privately what losers the Mets players are, but how they (G, K and R) couldn't say that publicly on their NY broadcasts.

Now, my mother is elderly, and rabidly pro-Mets, and she does get things mixed up sometimes. Did anybody under the age of 70 hear this too?

Anonymous said...

Schneck was told by some former Mets that it was Greg Jeffries.

Ed in Westchester said...

"Fuck that eyeliner wearing bastard. Rickey is convinced that Yadier Molina is the first transgender baseball player in the league."

"Schneck was told by some former Mets that it was Greg Jeffries."

Ed thought it was old "Purple Lips" Rodriguez?