Monday, July 14, 2008

Trade Derby

You want to make the home run derby even more interesting?

Invite the slugging outfielders who are rumored to be going to the Mets in a trade. You can still do four from each league:

National League:

  • Adam Dunn
  • Matt Holliday
  • Jason Bay
  • Xavier Nady
American League:
  • Raul Ibanez
  • Casey Blake
  • Juan Rivera
  • Jose Guillen
Trade value determined by performance in the derby.


Ceetar said...

If you want a circus, you could even invite Bonds!

Anonymous said...

On a side note: there will be one person missing from tonight's game that should be recognized.

PA Announcer Bob Sheppard

Sheppard has been the stadium's PA announcer for 57 years. His health has made him miss the season and at age 97 that is to be expected. Reggie Jackson once referred to Sheppard and "The Voice of God". I hope FOX sends well wishes on the broadcast.

Anonymous said...


how worthless was the National League East in tonight's All-Star game. It wasn't even just Uggla. Utley? No better than okay. Chipper? Horrible. Sugar Pants? Pathetic. Guzman? We know he's a scrub. Country Time? Try blaming that performance on Oliver Perez. Other than Bam Bam did anyone from the NL East deserve to even be on the team.

Anonymous said...

And Jose Reyes couldn't get on this team?



Anonymous said...

Great performance by the Mutt$

1-3 with a lousy single

1 devastating blown save by Armando Wagner


The world now knows the Mutt$ are losers.

Anonymous said...

Where was Seaver last night? Watching that intro, you'd think that the Mets came into the league three years ago.

Anonymous said...


Seaver was probably where he usually is. Getting drunk, hitting on younger women and disgracing himself like the lowlife he is.

Anonymous said...

Wagner should be on your hate list too. Choke artist. We better go after krod

Anonymous said...

I can't believe loser Phillies trolls are here cause they know we're gonna overtake them in a big way second half. Either that or a disgruntled Yankee fan that doesn't like being in 3rd place 5 1/2 behind TAMPA BAY and 6 behind the hated SOX. BWAHAHAHAHAHA indeed!

Anonymous said...


MetFanMac said...

I live in a different time zone, and when I woke up the first words out my mouth were "Wright struck out and Wagner blew the save, right?"

Anonymous said...

The Mets have won 9 in a row and Wagner pitched poorly in the All Star game. For all of the commenters that are focusing only on the latter, keep on laughing. Maybe after another 5 or 6 wins Billy Wagner will trip over his shoelace and you'll have something else to post about. After we go farther into the post season than whatever teams you anonymously root for, maybe David Wright will get caught on camera getting out of a car with no underwear and you'll have something else to fulfill your lives. Keep up the good work.