Monday, July 28, 2008

Sprinkles On That Snow Cone? (Alternate Title: The One Where Kyle Lohse Finally Turns Into A Pumpkin)

Little did anybody know there was greatness afoot while Gary Cohen was busy comparing Argenis Reyes to Baba Looey (which apparently makes Jose Reyes Quick Draw McGraw). But during that discussion a sure home run was taken away from Ryan Ludwick by Carlos Beltran, jumping over the wall on the dead run to make a snow cone catch for the ages.

It was only the final El Kabong on a day full of them, as David Wright, Fernando Tatis, and Fluff Castro El Kabonged Kyle Lohse and his 12-2 record to smithereens with certified bombs. I mean, it would have been a little embarrassing to have Kyle Lohse, the guy who nobody signed until March, outduel Johan Santana, the guy who the Mets traded the farm for (in which there was nothing left to use to bring home Xavier Nady, bring back Casey Blake, or seemingly nothing in which to acquire the likes of Victor Diaz, Pete Incaviglia, or even Butch Huskey).

But Santana's newfound run support wouldn't let that happen today ... and neither would Santana, who was brilliant in going nine innings just like we said he had to do as we were leaving last night's debacle. Brilliant at the plate as well with two hits and a ribbie, even while losing his majestic fly ball in the lights and having to settle for a 337 foot single which would have been an out off the wall had Albert Pujols been covering first base (somehow, Jose Reyes will be blamed for this ... he's blamed for everything.)
"He was very adamant about going back out ... He wanted a complete game, and it was good." -Snoop Manuel
Not just good, it was El Kabong good.

You know, in the NFL, a helmet to helmet hit is a suspension. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to say something bad about you just so I could get quoted in the sidebar, but I enjoyed reading your blog too much, unfortunately!

Yeah, loved that catch by Beltran. It made that game a 'complete' game in more ways than one. That felt like a first place team's kind of game. In a perfect world, it would count for at least 2 wins, not just 1.

Mike said...

Lately, I find that Shane Victorino has surpassed George Bush for the title of "Human Being Most Likely To Be Associated With A Story That Pisses Me Off."

Notice how Burrell (who Phillie phans hate) came over to see if McCann was all right, but Victorino was nowhere to be seen? He was off-camera but I assume he was dancing & pointing to the Brave dugout/

MetFanMac said...

I'm always happy to see us go up against a "good" pitcher (Penny, Volquez, Lincecum, Lohse et al).

katherine said...

After the game I searched around on a little while so I could rewatch the catch on Tal's hill from last year. I had forgotten how funny it was that the Astros fans were so shocked by the catch they forgot to boo Carlos for a minute or two.

I love Carlos Beltran.

Metstradamus, that pumpkin photo made me feel a little sick this morning.

Anonymous said...

Nice Sunday game. I don't like Sunday stress. Just voted for Victorino. Nice head butt on McCann there, bozo. Completely intentional. When are these catchers going to learn? Start low and come up hard. Why should it be your jaw that gets broken?

Demitri said...

On the hate list, how about the entire sucky Braves bullpen? Watching them blow successive 5+ run leads was almost as hard as rooting for them in the first place.

I'm very nervous about this Florida series. Hopefully Maine will find a way to pitch past the 5th since we can't count on Duaner for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday may have been the surprise of the season for me. After Sat night's game, I was expecting a weak effort from our offense. Um, guess I got that wrong.

Big series starts tonight - let's not forget about Florida.

Ed in Westchester said...

Shane Victorino is not dirty! he plays hard!


Mike - The Hawaiiain Asshole did come right back, after starting towards the dugout.

TW said...

More vicious than Victorino's Chris Benoit-esque flying head-butt was Utley's earier Tito Santana-esque flying forearm (or flying burrito if you are a Jesse "The Body" Ventura fan. Between the two of them they took out Mcann for what could be any amount of time (consider Aaron Hill and Ryan Church's struggles with "mild concussions".)

Can't really fault them though, that's baseball of the highest order, I want my guys doing the same thing when every run counts.

Anonymous said...


You have betrayed your twisted liberal bias.

George Bush is a hero and patriot and brave leader. You are a coward for criticizing a leader in a time of war. You should be ashamed of yourself and if you are so 'angered' than move to france with the rest of the commies and democrats.

TW said...

Hey, proud gop, we'd rather stay here and get our country back from you fascists. You should be ashamed at what has become of your "grand old party".

Anonymous said...

i feel bad for you liberal mets fans. your government sponsored welfare checks won't be able to help you get into citi field. Isnt that why you are all Mets fans to begin with, your families were too broke to afford Yankee tickets.

TW said...

It'll cost more to go to a game at the ninth circle of hell, i mean the "new" yankee stadium.