Monday, July 07, 2008

Yeah, Sorry If You See This Title On Every Mets Related Blog Tomorrow, But: "They Win The Damn Thing 10-9"

Multiple people wondered if I was still alive after the ninth inning. But to be honest with you, Mets losses lately have desensitised me to the point where I think I just would have laughed if Werth had hit a home run to complete the comeback. But yes, Virginia: they win the damn thing 10-9. Santa Claus lives ... and he's wearing a Pedro Martinez jersey. (Would you believe that Pedro's stellar pitching was eclipsed by the fact that his RBI to make the score 10-1 was the difference in the game?)

Not that tonight's 10-9 win held a lot of similarities to the 10-9 win in Philadelphia in 1990, when the Mets had a 10-3 lead in the ninth yet needed a line-out to Mario Diaz with the bases loaded to end the game. But in that game, the catcher for the Phillies was Tom Nieto. And he had three RBI's.

So if R.J. Swindle becomes the Mets pitching coach in 18 years and then gets fired mid-season, then you can cue the Twilight Zone music.

And yes, to reiterate: Tack-on runs = good. Thanks to Dan Iassogna being convinced by the other three umpires that he is ... in fact ... blind, the Mets needed every single one of those runs. Stupid lousy umpires.


Anonymous said...

I hate baseball.

Anonymous said...

I am sure SNY/Ch11 ran lots of the Howard HR replays-what did they show


Metstradamus said...

That it was too close to reverse.

Metstradamus said...

But it was reversed anyway ... somehow.

Demitri said...

I was at this one and "damn" isnt the four letter word I would use ( with apologies to Bob Murphy )

The ginormous ass-whipping was so much fun at first-with the phans getting all pissy and nasty toward the Mets fans.

I actually had to leave in the 8th to catch my train back to the cozy burbs. I found out on the train as phillies fans were discussng the game. I'm so glad I saw the final ok my iPhone in Suburban Station.

Anonymous said...

first the yankme call, then this one. where exactly in the rulebook is it written that every homerun call HAS to go against the mets?

Anonymous said...

Rule 109-13-13:

Which reads:
You people are cursed, cursed for following, rooting for and sometimes enjoying the New York Metropolitan Baseball Team.

Efforts will be taken to create mind numbing, spirit crushing failure, horrible season ending moments that bloggers will write about forever and the uncanny ability to prove Murphy's Law each and every time.

Anonymous said...

don't forgot to mention how endy chavez got rewarded with a horrible call, and bad baserunning. the umping was bad all around.

TW said...

Only the Mets have the ability to cause sleeplessness after a win.

Anonymous said...

The reversal was ridiculous. I got the feeling that the umps were getting embarrassed about screwing up home runs this year and decided "when in doubt it's a home run".

Ah, the joys of being a Mets fan. My nightmare was that Endy dropped that fly ball when he slapped at it ala Rickey.

Maybe the Mets' play is causing Church;s migraines, cause I'm coming down with something myself.

weesle909 said...

It was impossible to tell from the replay no matter how many times you watched it.

But what is it with umpires not having the cojones to say, "I had the best view, it's my call to make, and I made it. Discussion over. Play Ball!"

Seriously, they keep allowing themselves to be overruled.

On the Endy play, I'm not sure if he was tagged or not, but he is allowed to try to evade the tag. And he didn't go out of the basepath.

Anyway, should we expect another home-letdown today? Especially with Lincecum and his 10-1 record?

Ed in Westchester said...

The fan reached into the field of play.
That is classic fan interference.

Bad reversal.

Anonymous said...


I bet you liberals were choking on your tofu, eh?

Of course you liberals would joke about someone violating federal indecency laws by broadcasting a profane word when children could hear it. Any Mutt$ announcer who curses should be arrested by the fcc and thrown in jail for a few years to think about their treason.

That includes your heroes 'cocaine' keith hernandez and tom 'womanizing drunk' seaver. Has he told his wife about his affairs yet? his grandkids?

Anonymous said...

This dipsh*t is either (a) a Phillies fan, who roots for a wife-beater, or (b) a Yankees fan, who roots for a guy who cheats on his wife with cheap, muscular strippers and washed-up, 50-year-old pop singers. Which is it?

Demitri said...

Last night's game was a first for me, a feeling of relief, combined with utter disgust. Who knew it was possible.

BlueDog said...

Man, watching the mets is like having a second job!

The fan interference call being overturned was just BS but the worst part for me was watching Wagner nearly cough it up again!!!

Anonymous said...


Post reports that Omar wants to sign Barroid Bonds! BWAABAABABAAAHAHAH!

The mets are a laughing stock!

Life is good!

Anonymous said...

re:Anonymous's comments on the the 'dipsh*t' anonymous...

Go to any blog or message board and they are full of people that enjoy the ease of triggering a reaction anonymously. When you (or I) react or respond, it is a boost to their sadly low self esteem.