Monday, July 14, 2008


The Mets have won nine straight games. Feel free to bask in that for three days.

I was basking as well, until ESPN's Jon Miller reminded us that the last time the Mets reached ten in a row was the not the Miracle Mets of '69, not the bad guys who won in '86, or even 1988.

It was the immortal bunch from 1991.

The ten game streak in '91 also went into the All Star break, and like the streak we're in now, also included three wins in Philadelphia.

So how did a team that had a ten game win streak blow it? Losing seven in a row and ten in a row in a span of 19 games will do it. Having Vince Coleman on your team doesn't help either.

Thankfully this team doesn't have Vince Coleman, Gary Coleman, or Dabney Coleman. Instead, this team has Mike Pelfrey ... who's given up one run in his last three starts, won his last six with 52 runs to work with, and had his last two starts end in 7-0 wins where both Carloses homered.

But I think the more important thing is to be thankful that after all that's happened to the Mets this season, a season that could have been lost before it was found, the Mets are only .5 out of first place.

And more importantly than that, screw Vince Coleman. And screw Jon Miller for reminding me of Vince Coleman and giving me flashbacks.

And screw John Rocker. For no good reason.

But while on the topic, if Rocker indeed fights Vai Sikahema in one of those sports celebrity boxing matches after Sikahema knocked Jose Canseco's lights out on Saturday, can we please ... please ... please hold it at Shea Stadium? I mean, if the Mets don't end Shea Stadium's run with a World Series championship, what better way is there to close out the barn than by seeing John Rocker taking some left hooks and falling flat on his back?

Vince Coleman can be on the undercard.


Anonymous said...

Vincent Coleman, when asked what impact Jackie Robinson had on his career, said "Who's Jackie Robinson"?

Anonymous said...

As per my study, commented on here..
postID=6052526171036238782 win to go to 'get the ball rolling.'

TW said...

That '91 team was put together with spit and glue. I think Gangsta Jerry has got his acetylene working overtime right now.

I do worry about coming oput flat on Thursday, but I have a sense that this team is different from te one that got swept in San Diego a month or so ago.

Any thought about sticking Maine in the back of the rotation after the all-star break? He looks utterly exhausted out there.

Anonymous said...

I never expected to be looking at a picture of Vince Coleman this morning . . . ugh.

Big Pelf has big time stuff. Excluding Petey, we've got a good young starting pitching staff.

I'm not so worried about the break. I think these guys (Petey, Maine, Delgado, Beltran, Wright) needed a breather anyway. Plus, we start in Cincy on Thursday, with Santana on the mound.

Toasty Joe said...

Better yet, why not have John ROcker fight Vince Coleman? At least you know it'll be guaranteed that one of them will get knocked on his ass.

weesle909 said...

Is anyone else alarmed by the number of hits Mets pitchers gave up last night? I mean, seven?! That as many hits as the three prior games combined!

This is unacceptable...

The Metmaster said...

Ken Rosenthal's post today on Fox Sports gave the Mets 9-game winning streak a kind of ho-hum because most of it has come at the expense of te Giants and Rockies. Hey, nine games are nine games whether they are against the Phillies or the Little Sisters of the Poor. Give us a break Ken.

katherine said...

I am totally shocked that the Mets are on the verge of reaching Schneck's wildly improbable milestone.

Maybe, if they win the tenth game, he should set another one?

weesle909 said...

And if Ken Rosenthal had been paying attention, he'd know this is exactly where the Mets have had problems - taking care of business against the weaker teams.

TW said...

Rosenthal is not paying attention. He works for Fox, and Fox looovvees the Yankees. They treat the Mets like the Fox News treats democrats.

McCarver still pisses on the Mets any chance he gets and my goodness, he Joe Buck might as well be president and vice president of the Derek Jeter fan club. I've never seen man-love that strong.

Anonymous said...

Libs always lose. Just look at your hero John 'French' Kerry.

Philly fans know the Mutt$ are a joke. Wait til we trade for Burnett. haha. You ny lib losers will lose this division by 10 games!

Anonymous said...

Pelfrey threw 95 after 120 pitches in the 8th inning. EEK. Stud Alert!!!

Anonymous said...

Then I guess we will just have to win 11 in a row, a la 1969 &1986.