Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alternate Reality

I don't know when it happened, or why it happened, but I think we went through the keyhole into a parallel universe. Think about it for a couple of seconds:
  • Mike Pelfrey has won seven straight?
  • Xavier Nady is a Yankee?
  • Jimmy Rollins is getting benched for not hustling and showing up late?
  • Oliver Perez is hardly walking anybody?
  • Aaron Heilman is getting huge outs while Filthy Sanchez isn't getting anybody out?

I mean, what's next, the last game at Shea Stadium is televised around the world while ESPN drops the Yankee Stadium finale?

Where the hell is this hole in the universe, and how can we switch John Maine with his better version?


Anonymous said...

Metstradamus - just wanna tell you how awesome yr site is. Keep the great posts comin.

Anonymous said...

Now that you put all those things together -- I mean, I knew SOMETHING was afoot -- it all makes sense. Long live Mets Bizzarro World!

Anonymous said...

If we've gone through the looking glass does that make Larry Anderson and Tom McCarthy Tweedledee and Tweedledumb?

Anonymous said...

For Perez, It must be the beard. Just look at the effectiveness the mirror universe Spock.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if the beards are working let them grow them until they look like Z Z Top.

katherine said...

I'm thinking, maybe we should send Carlos Delgado a giant Hallmark card, that we could all sign, with a little poem inside saying something like,

We were bad fans,
We doubted you,
But now we wish we
could take back those boos.

Charity said...


I'm in if you're in, I'll even spot for the postage :)