Friday, May 13, 2005

Wrap Yourself Around THIS Horn!

So I don't know how many of you watch ESPN's "Around The Horn", with the smarmy, unabashed Yankee supporter Tony Reali (also known as "stat boy") as host. There was a goofy moment in today's edition while talking about Malcolm Glazer's purchase of Manchester United. The question put forth by Reali to the newspaper oriented panalists: "What sports franchise would you spend your wordly riches on?" Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw said that he would buy none other than the New York Mets. His reasoning: better pitching, better young lineup, he would buy a new stadium that Mets fans would want to go to, and to beat the powerhouse sloth Yankee franchise. But the biggest reason he picked the Mets was probably to get under the skin of Yankee fan Reali. Cowlishaw learned that it's a bad idea to annoy the host, as Reali eliminated Cowlishaw from Friday's show because of that answer.

My only wish for Cowlishaw, perhaps the sanest newspaper columnist to star on "Horn", is that the salary he makes as a scribe would enable him to buy the Mets and release them from the clutches of the Wilpons. He may not turn a profit but he has the right idea. Perhaps Mets fans can start a fund to help Tim to his ultimate goal...although I don't know if he could handle a shareholders meeting with 50,000 contributors. But it's nice to dream...

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