Saturday, May 28, 2005

Food For Thought

Item: Mets first base coach Jerry Manuel to interview for the Royals head coaching job this weekend.

Why? I hope he watches Friday's Royals highlights from SportsCenter before he interviews. The Royals scored four in the top of the ninth against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim County in California, USA...only to have the Royals blow it in the bottom of the frame, giving up five runs...three of them on a throwing error by Angel "Don't call me Geronimo" Berroa on a sure double play ball. I hope Manuel knows what he's getting involved with. The Royals might be better off just hiring Lou Brown from the "Major League" trilogy. I hear Rick Vaughn tearing up the California Penal League.

Item: Rickey Henderson goes two for three with a steal and two walks in his debut with the San Diego Surf Dawgs of the Golden Baseball League.

The Golden Baseball League? Is that where Rick Vaughn is playing? Two walks in one game is 1/3 of the walks that Jose Reyes has in two months. Any chance the Mets will bring back Henderson to be their designated leadoff hitter to draw a walk and then have Reyes pinch run for him and play the rest of the game?

Item: Controversial Danny Almonte now pitching for the Florida Bombers, an 18 and under Connie Mack League team.

I just wish that Almonte would be show contrition and admit that the Derek Jeter home run that he reached over the right field wall to catch should have been an out and that the Yanks should have never won that series against the Orioles in 1996.

Item: Mark Prior's elbow suffers a slight fracture courtesy of a Brad Hawpe line drive during the Cubs' 10-3 victory over the Colorado Rockies.

Is it true that Hawpe's nickname is "Billy Goat"?

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