Monday, May 09, 2005

Stacked deck

From the New York Daily News today:

On a lighter note, [Kris] Benson's wife, Anna, is entered in the July 7-15 World
Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Someone placed a $10,000 bet on her online, though
the pitcher said the bettor - whom they don't know - wasted his money. "She's
starting to learn how to play," Benson said. "She's been taking lessons. But
she'd be the biggest upset on Planet Earth if she ends up winning that."

When you're so devoid of action that you're placing bets on Anna Benson to win the World Series of Poker, that's when 1-800-GAMBLER should be your next phone call.

The meat of the Daily News article referred to the simmering feud between Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon and former Pirate/current Met Kris Benson. McClendon, responding to newspaper quotes by Benson saying that he was basically learning on his own and that the Pirates "didn't have [his] back", says that Benson "had great stuff for us, but he didn't have the heart of a lion. They'll find that out in New York."

The prophecy: Hopefully, the Mets will be in a situation this season where we will truly find out about Benson's heart. It's hard to gauge a pitcher's competitiveness when he plays for a team that goes 72-90 every year. It is something to watch for, and as they say in the cliche business: only time will tell.

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