Monday, May 09, 2005

Well Nostradamus was wrong a couple of times too, wasn't he?

As soon as the question was asked, Willie Randolph answered it. Pedro Martinez will get a couple of extra days off this week and pitch on Saturday against the Cardinals rather than Friday. Tom Glavine will pitch with 4 days rest on Friday. What this means is that Pedro will pitch on Friday, May 20th against the Yankees.

Why did Willie do this?: Mets coaches thought that Martinez's arm was dragging a bit after Saturday's Brewers start. We knew that the Mets would take every precaution with Pedro this season, thus the move is made. If Randolph and co. had waited until the next turn to flip flop starts it would have looked like an attempt to get Martinez a Yankee start. However, this switch was made for the right reason, and shouldn't be looked at as anything more than a chance to get Pedro some more rest. Even if it made me look stupid (not a difficult thing to do), and even though it costs Martinez a start against a top tier N.L. East team, it was done for the right reasons.

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