Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tom Teriffic (For Now)

If Tom Glavine wasn't a mortal N.L. East enemy for nine seasons, I could forgive his transgressions.

If Tom Glavine didn't carry himself like the Kevin McReynolds of pitchers, then maybe I wouldn't be so hard on him.

(And if Woody had gone to the police, this would never have happened.)

Tom Glavine will perpetually be in a position where no matter how well he's going, he's always one start away from falling back into the bad graces of Met fans everywhere. After all, he was a Brave...a very good Brave...and considering his record against them some would stay he still is a Brave. And after a rough start, there are many who would have hailed him a cab out of town...with no seatbelt.

But it would be unfair not to acknowledge his turnaround. Today's loss against Florida marked Glavine's 4th straight strong start, and I gotta say it makes me mad in a way. It gets boring hammering on Victor Zambrano all the time, Glavine provided a great alternative outlet. Great as a Brave, horrid as a Met, an excuse for every loss...not only was it easy to complain about Tom Glavine, it was fun too!

But now he's straightened out. And he straightened out right after I said he was done.

Damn you Tom Glavine. Keep it up.

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