Friday, May 06, 2005

Wisconsin: Land of Beer, Cheese, and Cat Killers

Yeah, you read right...Cat killers. There are actually people in the state that houses the Mets' next opponent (the Milwaukee Brewers) that are trying to get a law passed that would take cats off of the protected species list which would make it legal to hunt them. Proponents of the idea claim it would help deal with the overpopulation of cats in Wisconsin. The real story, however, is that hunters in Wisconsin are being constantly outsmarted by the elk and are looking for a species that's a little more their speed. I hope for humanity's sake that this isn't how the people of Wisconsin deal with overcrowding in their schools. Luckily for the Mets, Miller Park has not had to worry about overcrowding. Although at 7 straight wins and counting for the Brewers, things might change, so hide your cats...and pray the Mets don't bring back Andres "Big Cat" Galarraga.

Friday: Victor Zambrano (1-3, 5.81) vs. Doug Davis (3-3, 4.79). Mike Cameron is hitting .370 (10 for 27) with 1 HR lifetime against Davis.

Saturday: Pedro Martinez (3-1, 2.51) vs. the dreaded TBA. Considering what Tomo Ohka did last week as a late replacement this may not be good news. But with Petey on the hill it may be the Mets' best chance at a win this series.

Sunday: Tom Glavine (1-3, 7.04) vs. Chris Capuano (2-2, 4.08). Brewers catcher Damian Miller is .333 (6 for 18) lifetime against Glavine.

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