Thursday, May 26, 2005

Safe For Now

Tonight was a must win for the New York Mets...not because it's late in the season or anything like that, but if the Mets had lost a game started by a 36 year old with a career record of 82-103 coming into the season, and relieved by a major league baseball virgin, then there was no hope. The season for all intensive purposes would have ended on May 26th.

It didn't look good for a while tonight, as the Marlins actually scored the first run of the game and had the game tied 3-3 in the top of the 5th (this after a violent rain delay that threatened to jeopardize the Mets chance at facing a pitcher they had no business losing to.) And it isn't as though the Mets used their cunning and skill to take the lead in that inning. They used David Wright's base hit sandwiched by three walks and a Damion Easley error on a sure double play ball by Doug Mientkiewicz (yes, another one) to score three runs and help blow the game open.

Once that happened, it seemed as if the pressure was off and the laugher was on. Jose Reyes started tripling the Marlins to death. Cliff Floyd got a hit with a runner in scoring position. Everyone, with the exception of maybe Mientkiewicz and Mike Piazza, relaxed and played their game and the Mets won 12-4 at Mammal Stadium to gain a game on the Fish. And with Pedro on the hill tomorrow, the Mets have an opportunity to gain no worse than a split from this four game set, which is what they should get as they have no business beating Dontrelle or Josh Beckett over the weekend.

And the Mets also saved themselves a tongue lashing from Metstradamus. Trust me, it was coming.

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