Thursday, May 26, 2005

Reality Bites

When am I going to learn?

When am I going to get it through my thick skull that the Mets are never going to win again in Atlanta...EVER?

Three days rest each for two pitchers in one bad ballpark. It counts down to ZERO runs for the New York Mets in 18 innings.

Where to begin? Victor Zambrano was pretty gosh darn good tonight. Six innings, 4 hits, 3 walks, two runs, and one earned run tells us that he was able to find the plate tonight. But in his obligitory one bad inning, he had a little trouble finding third base. After a walk by Johnny Estrada and a single by Ryan Langerhans, Zambrano fielded a Pete Orr bunt and fired to second base. Problem: David Wright wasn't quite at the base, and the ball made it's way to left field and the runners scored. Furcal added an RBI single and that was your ball game.

Jose Reyes grounded into two double plays, once to end the third with runners on first and second, and once to end the seventh with the bases loaded. Cliff Floyd continued his streak of un-clutch hitting, and Mike Piazza continued the magic show tonight (you know, where he waves his magic wand at outside sliders and makes rallies disappear).

So the Mets are 4 and 1/2 games back and have four games with the Marlins. A.J. Burnett is injured so the Mets get to face Frank Castillo while they have Kris Benson on the hill. Here is my latest prophecy...if the Mets can't hit Frank Freakin' Castillo, the venom comes out. That's a promise.

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