Saturday, May 07, 2005

Has anyone noticed:

  • that in the last 2 days the National League East, who for the first time sees all 5 teams playing someone else rather than each other, is 10-0? If this keeps up we could see a division winner from the East not reach 90 wins, yet slaughter the competition in the playoffs? Only the Phillies are under .500, and they're 14-17 without Jim Thome.
  • that Marlon Anderson is hitting .423? His 9 pinch hits puts him on a pace to shatter John Vander Wal's record of 28 pinch hits in 1995.
  • That Jason "Goggles Pisano" Phillips is at war with the L.A. media, more specifically, know-nothing blowhard T.J. Simers? Vinny at No Joy in Metsville writes this piece on the feud. I agree whole heartedly with Vinny. Phillips made some dumb comments to be sure, but Simers, who didn't even write the original piece, is a third rate Jim Rome wannabe who tries to be irreverant for irreverancy's sake, and he comes across looking like an old, bitter buffoon. He's the stereotypical star hunting Los Angeles leech who tries to capitalize on other people's work. Funny how Simers acts like a big bully in the lockerroom with backup catcher Jason Phillips, but I wonder if he would have acted the same way if it was, say, a Los Angeles Laker who made those comments. I wonder if he would risk having his Laker credential pulled and not being seen in the sports eqivalent of Tinseltown by pulling that same stunt with Kobe Bryant, for example. Heck I KNOW he wouldn't have acted like that with Latrell Sprewell, because Sprewell would have taken him out back and given him the beat down! Put it this way, there's a reason that you never see Simers on "Around the Horn" anymore. Nice job Vinny.
  • That George Steinbrenner's horse lost the Kentucky Derby and nobody has been fired yet? (For that matter, has anyone noticed that the superfecta for today's Derby paid more than $1.7 million dollars? For that you could sign Miguel Cairo, David Wright, and Eric Valent to one-year deals just to have them play catch in your backyard!)
  • That John Rocker compared himself to Henry Aaron and Jackie Robinson? Idiot.

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