Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bird Killer Jumps Shark

Randy Johnson, it's time to hang 'em up.

Dae Sung Koo is a middle relief pitcher who rarely (if at all) batted in Japan with the Orix Blue Wave because the Pacific League has the DH. He had the biggest "give up" at bat, ever, on Monday against the Reds' Todd Coffey, letting 4 pitches go by without even getting near the ball or striding. So today, when the left handed batter strode to the plate against Randy Johnson (you know, the Randy Johnson that killed a pigeon, scared John Kruk half to death, and won a World Series title single-handedly in 2001) Koo didn't have a prayer.

Well, 1 one-hop double off the wall later, Randy Johnson officially jumped the shark. And you knew that the hit stuck with him because when Koo scored on Jose Reyes' bunt from second, it was because Johnson failed to cover home for Posada who fielded the ball. But Johnson vapor locked, probably because he was too busy planning his retirement news conference after the shame of Koo's double. (Koo was out at the plate, but when you hit a double off Johnson, and have the guts to score all the way from second on a bunt, you deserve to get the call.)

Hey, I hear Kruk saw the game today and wants a do-over against Johnson.

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