Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Overworked And Underwhelmed

“Three runs shouldn't be something that’s insurmountable. It appears when we get in that position, it’s an insurmountable lead. We have to address that.” -Snoop Manuel
That only took him a year to figure that one out ... duh.

But you know what he hasn't figured out? He hasn't figured out that Sean Green doesn't have to pitch every day. Green took the loss Tuesday as he melted down in the seventh inning, and he coughed up the kind of one-run lead that he's paid to come in and hold on to (as if there's another kind of one-run lead). But did Green really need to pitch during a five run lead? Or down by four?

It doesn't seem like a large workload for Green, who has pitched pretty much every other day for the most part (until Tuesday), but with a guy who you know was overworked in the early part of last season, I'd think you would want to be more judicious with him so that you can pitch him back to back later in the season, and not throw him in blowouts. He's already on pace to blow away his career high in appearances and approach the levels of guys like Scott Schoeneweis' and Pedro Feliciano's totals last season. I know part of it is the lousy starting pitching, but do we really want to go down that road with Green?

Not that I know what I'm talking about anyway ... but when has that ever stopped me?


Unser said...

Bad job by Manuel last night. Green walks the lead-off hitter in the 7th and falls behind every other one. Once the Marlins tied the score, the obvious move was to bring in Feliciano to face Baker. Why else was Feliciano warming up?

Then, after Green walks Baker (on 4 pitches I believe), it was abundantly clear he did not have it. You have to bring in Putz (who was warming up) to face Cantu. Not really sure what Manuel was thinking here.

Don't understand why Jerry insists on using our best 'pen guys in games which are not close. Why are you using Putz and K-Rod on Tuesday night with a 6-1 and a 7-1 lead? Same with Green - you make a good point.

And again, these guys just lay down. We had what, one base runner after the 6th? Don't these guys know how to take pitches? The count is 2-0, you're down by 3 runs, no one on, and you swing?

kjs said...

Maybe it was not a lost night. The waves were wonderful. Everyone enjoyed their $9.75 wines served in a paper cup. The scoreboards worked. Even the ribbon scoreboard! And Sean Green had seats painted in his honor.

Schneck said...

It is time to take serious action. I am going to start brining thumb tacks to games and as I see fans standing for the wave I will very quickly drop them on the seats. If I can get an army of tack droppers we can kill this thing once and for all.

While I'm here, one more gripe I forgot to mention last time I commented. Enough with the drunken, off key, Jose, Jose, Jose chants. If you must chant this at the top of your lungs, in my ear, during every Reyes at bat, you need to take voice lessons or keep it quiet.

kjs said...

Best line at Shea last year from a beer vendor: "I'll pay you guys not to do the wave!" Obviously, it [the wave] obliterates thirsty hands (and there are too many Mets fans who think baseball=getting shitfaced).

Good luck smuggling thumbtacks into Wilpon's Folly, albeit not a bad idea. Now Krazy Glueing their bums to the seats...

I wonder if the Debits Field faithful were during the wave in the 8th and 9th today.