Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mets Finally Honor Their Past!

The bad news is: The past they honored tonight was 1962.

Daniel Murphy is going to get killed for that stumble in the eighth which turned out number one into a triple, which turned into Tuesday's winning run for St. Louis. Your hope for Murphy is that going forward, future errors are the kind of errors which come in 9-3 games or don't lead directly to a run ... and not the kind of errors which lose ballgames, like his last two.

But let's scatter some blame here, shall we?

First off, when did Jeremy Giambi open up a baserunning camp and when did Carlos Beltran attend this? Can we slide next time, please?

And boy am I glad that Mike Pelfrey wasn't placed on the DL, so that Darren O'Day can be DFA'd and offered back to the Angels as a Rule V draftee to make room for Nelson Figueroa to replace Pelfrey, so that Figueroa could then be DFA'd to make room for Casey Fossum to have that second lefthander in the bullpen to face lefties ... so that Fossum could walk the tying run home against the first lefthander he sees as a Met on four pitches.

(That tossed the dog, that worried the cat, that killed the rat ... etc.)

That's roster management at its best, folks. Omar Minaya is the guy who's really good at buying expensive gifts for his wife, but he has to because he constantly screws up the little things like letting three weeks of garbage pile up or calling the dinner order ahead, then forgetting to pick it up and spend the rest of the night wondering why everyone is so hungry. Nice job, Omar.

Of course, it wouldn't have come to Casey Fossum if Oliver Perez could get through six innings without giving up a leadoff single to a pitcher and walking a .230 hitting shortstop with the bases loaded. At least Ollie's ERA went down from 7.84 to 7.80 on Tuesday. That's called good news.

And in an unrelated story, here's some bad news:
“Teams are going to realize the Florida Marlins are for real and they have to play us differently. That’s what we want. We want to be known as the team to beat.” -Wes Helms
Great choice of words, Wes. Spectacular.


Terry Gilmore said...

I feel the exact same way about Omar.

I don't see a front office mastermind. I see a bumbling idiot who has lucked his way into more good moves than can be attributed to any amount of cunning on his part.

Jesus Flores-Omar screwed up

Castillo- 4 year deal when no one was giving 2nd basemen more than 1.

Beltran- Had a bigger offer from the Yankees.

Pedro (his supposed best move ever) clearly there is a reason no one else was offering near the years Omar was.

Santana- Brian Cashman screwed up, choosing to hold onto Phil Hughes and Melkey Carbrera, had he not Johan would be in Pinstripes.

.. and by the way. Enough of this giving Murphy a pass thing (I am looking at you Matt Cernone) If I have to hear one more word about how good of a hitter he is I will punch myself in the face. Catch the ball douche bag. there is more to baseball than your effing OBP.

Unser said...

We're a 5 inning team. We pitch well for about 5, we hit well for 5, we play good defense for 5 and then . . . we pretty much stop. Sort of like playing 9 holes of golf.

I hope Ollier got an earful from Warthen last night. And Beltran's excuse? Please. Of all people to make a mental error, I would never have suspected Beltran, our soundest fundemental player. Un - f'ing real.

Mark last night's game as my first 2009 "brutal loss causing me to feel intensely annoyed for a good hour after the last out".

Rickey said...

oh danny boy...

the fans the fans the fans are booing...

James Allen said...

OK, after that game last night, let's get back to talking about Dwight Gooden's autograph. It's a much less frustrating subject.

Coop said...

I disagree about Omar. Unfortunately his hands are tied by the cap on spending by the Coupons. Not saying that having Manny or Abreu or Burrell would be much different but eh - maybe Daniel Murphy coulda been trade bait. But Derek lowe on the other hand...he coulda helped. A bit. And Ollie could screw the pooch elsewhere.

My problem is mostly with Beltran on this team - his lack of a slide is evidence of the lack of urgency this team has had since, oh, say 2006.

Murphy needs to be on an AL team as a DH. Plain and simple. Omar is generally good at judging the talent that has peaked. I think he psyched himself out since the Duaner Sanchez food run and won't make any seat of my pants trades anymore. Rermember when he traded Jae Seo for - oooh never mind. That might not be a good example. but Kris Benson - when he highly judged John Maine. He struck while the iron was hot and won. Now? Murphy shoulda been let go last year.

Toasty Joe said...

Cool pic of the '62 program. "Flushing Meadows Stadium - New 1963 Home of the New York Mets." I can think of at least two things wrong with that statement.

Toasty Joe said...

Oh God, Coop - you need to stop the "Coupon" stuff already. We have the highest payroll in the NL and a brand new $800M stadium.

dave crockett said...

As for Omar, I'm no apologist, but he's neither the hero nor the villain here. It's fair to say he makes the big moves well and flubs the little moves. But I'd take that every day of the week over the penny-wise but pound foolish opposite.

Suffice it to say I can't get excited over the loss of Darren O'Day and Nelson Figuroa. I just can't.

On the other hand, I've seen juuusst about all I need to of Daniel Murphy. As careful as we've been with F-Mart, why has the team insisted that this kid is ready to play everyday? He's not so much getting lost in the intricacies of left field as he's falling all over the place and forgetting to open his glove to catch fly balls. He appears to have a Pony league arm, and is incapable of hitting the (normal) cutoff man. (So, what is Reyes supposed to be his personal cutoff man, like a personal catcher?)

As early as it still is, it's worth raising the question of whether Murphy can swing the bat well enough to make up for his murderous butchery in left. His XBHs are coming strictly down the lines, a la Luis Castillo. I know he's not a home run hitter, but I don't see anything that even looks like gap power. Unless and until he fills out physically, he looks like Slappy McSingleton, Part Duex. I could live with high OBP in back of Reyes if the guy didn't play defense like Ronald McDonald.

Eli From Brooklyn said...

LOL, Great stuff.

Jerry Berger told me about the blog and I'm loving it. Check me out at

Lol, again.