Sunday, April 19, 2009

Losing My Religion

With an 0-2 record and a 12.91 ERA, where would one go for help? Most pitchers find a pitching coach. Jeff Suppan, fittingly, seeks out a Cardinal and a Brewer fan in Mets clothing. It worked as heaven's apparent favorite son defeated purgatory's official team 4-2 on Sunday.

And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. Then, God flipped his remote long enough to find that Todd Coffey was doing most of the work with a 2 2/3 inning save, prompting the masses to wonder where all the specialization has come from, and curse Tony La Russa under his breath.


Demitri said...

You know what, I bet if Mike Scott or Bruce Hurst pitched against the Mets yesterday, they would still have been 2-13 with RISP.

Sometimes, you really wonder if the Mets front office has spent enough on counseling and therapy sessions. And clearly, being un-clutch is contagious because now Murphy and newbie Santos is getting in on the act.

Then, the Phillies come back in dramatic fashion, and the Fish keep winning. Just as perfect as Saturday was, Sunday was a total 180.

Oh, and Piniero on Tuesday. Maybe he'll pitch another 3 hitter.

MetFanMac said...

I won't say "I told you so" because... oops, too late, I just did. *sigh*

Unser said...

Let's not blame Santos - he's looked pretty good so far and hit a shot in the 8th yesterday which, unfortunately, was right at Hall.

Wright, on the other hand, is a rally killer so far. Really looks out of sync. But I'm not worried here. As they say, if Wright doesn't hit, we can all go home.

No problem with Jerry letting Tatis hit in the 7th. Had only 3 at bats prior to yesterday's game. If you're not going to let him hit in a crucial situation in game 12, you're not giving the guy a chance.

Schneck said...

The problem is that there are no baserunners during batting practice. The solution is simple. During batting practice they need to fill the bases with cardboard cutouts of various players and learn how to bat with runners in their sights.

Demitri said...

I'm totally with Schneck on this one.

Its either that, or get league permission for special "cloaking device" uniforms that render the runners invisible to the batter.

rickie weeks said...

the brewers are my team... we'll see you in the postseason. we'll see who comes out ahead this time.