Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've never really been comfortable using this platform to promote myself. But now that I've convinced myself that this very platform in and of itself is a mechanism to promote my demented point of view anyway, I've made myself feel better. So here goes (deep breath):

If you want to actually hear what I'm thinking about the New York Mets instead of just read it, then this Wednesday and most Wednesdays from 9PM until 11PM, you can come look and listen to Sports Talk New York Live, where your friendly neighborhood blogger will be talking Mets for about ten minutes unless he starts going off on a tangent about rancid beer, earthworms, or Christmas gifts gone horribly wrong. Your hosts, Mark and A.J., will do their best to reign me in and make sure I take my meds.

The best part, no doubt, will be this week's guest and your other favorite blogger Greg Prince, who will discuss his new book, which I'll plug later.

There ... now that wasn't so hard, was it? But I feel so dirty promoting only myself. Let's hype some other stuff that you can plan your Wednesday around:

First, why not prepare for the show by taking an afternoon trip to Modell's in Times Square, where they will be hyping up the "Mo Zone" in Citi Field ... where you can watch the game from behind the right field wall? At old Shea, I got to watch about an inning of a game from behind that left field wall under the bleachers, and it was kinda like a dungeon without the stockades.

Oh, and Doc Gooden will be there to meet and greet you, continuing his return to the Mets family. 3:30 start time, which will give you plenty of time to get home to see Oliver Perez wage his latest war on control.

Then, why not have something cool to wear while you're listening to the show. Why not order a brand new Ralph Kiner shirt from Gary Keith & Ron's website, and acknowledge the longest tenured announcer in Mets history, who is getting better with age?

And don't forget about their line of t-shirts and other fine outerwear at their website ... proceeds of which all go to charity.

Afterwards, you can curl up with a good book ... much like Faith and Fear in Flushing. After listening to Greg discuss the book on that show that I'll be making my weekly appearance on (this self promotion thing becomes easier and easier, doesn't it?) why not read him than right after you listen to him?

Okay, got all that? Go see Doc, buy a t-shirt, read a book, and listen to me on the internets. See? Life is good when you let a blogger plan it for you.

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