Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not So Low, Low, Low, Low ...

So the Marlins kept Mets fans from watching the first couple of innings of Livan Hernandez's debut because the Marlins didn't want the post game Flo Rida concert to start too late. Here's the rationale:
"We found an overwhelming demand from our fans to start the games earlier. Tomorrow night, we will have a crowd larger than opening day." -David Samson, Marlins President
Wait, the overwhelming demand from the 8,000 fans that are there every night, or the overwhelming demand from all those fans that are going to top the opening day crowd just to see the concert and then never go to a baseball game again?

And if they never go to a baseball game again, then I hope it's because the home team stunk on Saturday night ... because they almost let Livan Hernandez shut them out for seven innings, and because they gave up four hits to Luis Castillo. (Gee I hope it wasn't because I suggested he cork his bat ... if Fredi Gonzalez confiscates his bat on Sunday I guess I'll know why.)

Or better yet, here's what I hope: I hope that one, maybe two ... thousand of these people who went to the first baseball game of their lives just to see Flo Rida (real name: Tramar Dillard ... see, I read Wikipedia just like you) perform saw the 8-4 Mets win on Saturday night and thought "Hey, this game is pretty cool ..."

"I'm a Mets fan!"

Then these people can join all the rest of the Mets fans in Miami whenever the Mets come to town and hack off the locals for the rest of eternity, and then David Samson's plan which cost Mets fans two innings of their lives would backfire dramatically.

Stick that in the back pocket of your apple bottom jeans and sit on it, Potsie.

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