Friday, April 03, 2009

Food For Thought

From the inside of the flight up to New York from Florida:

Ramon Castro: Psst ... Ollie.

Oliver Perez: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

RC: Ollie, wake up!

OP: Wh, wha ... what?

RC: Dude, tomorrow night man.

OP: What about it?

RC: We're going to have a game in the new park tomorrow.

OP: I know. You woke me up to tell me that?

RC: We're not in the lineup tomorrow. You know what that means?

OP: No pray tell, what?

RC: We can sneak off to Shake Shack and have some burgers.

OP: Have you lost your mind?

RC: No no. We have to sample all the food.

OP: I'm going back to sleep.

RC: But I can't sleep. I can't sleep without thinking about all the food options I've been reading about. C'mon Ollie. You and me.

OP: No way Fluff, no way. I'm not sneaking with you anywhere. Warthen basically called me a fat bastard in public, and if I sneak off to Shake Shack and get caught I'm going to be hung. I need to stay in shape.

RC: C'mon, Ollie. Haven't you heard? The food is like, phenomenal! We've gotta score some.

OP: You're obsessed.

RC: Ollie! Pulled pork sliders.

OP: Stop it.

RC: French fries in bacon sauce.

OP: Please stop.

RC: Piiiiiiiizzaaaaaaaaa. From a real brick oven.

OP: I'm going back to sleep before you make me crazy.

RC: C'mon dude! Berry parfaits! What's more baseball than berry parfaits???

OP: Lord, deliver me from temptation.


OP: Shut up.

RC: Oliver! You don't understand! We're not in Shea anymore. Gone are the days of dirty water dogs and messy sausage and peppers. This is the big leagues of food, dude! Everyone loves this stuff. Mac and Cheese! Steak Tacos! Cannollis!!! Ollie ... Cannollis!!! And we won't have to pay the seven bucks for a slice of pizza because we're Mets! We're Mets!!!

OP: Fluff, I'd kill you except you'll probably die from the hundreds of pork sliders you're going to eat in one sitting.

RC: Mo Vaughn would have loved this.

OP: I hear Mo Vaughn is going to throw out the first sushi roll tomorrow.

RC: And I'm going to catch it ... and eat it! Because all these food options are going to make us the best team in baseball!

OP: No, it's going to make us the fattest team in baseball.

RC: You don't know that. We exercise and stuff. You want to run with me?

OP: That's my line.

RC: C'mon! I'll race you down the aisle. First one to the flight attendant wins.

OP: Stop it.

"Ladies and gentlemen we've turned on the fasten seat belts sign for our final descent into JFK airport."

OP: See, now I lost a chance to sleep. Thanks a lot, Fluff. Fluff?

RC: Zzzzzzzzz. Shaaaaaaaaaaake Shaaaaaaaaaaack. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

OP: Jackass.

(If you're going to the game today and get a chance to sample the food, your friendly neighborhood blogger would love and appreciate some of your reviews in advance of his trip there on Saturday. Leave 'em here. And enjoy the game.)


MetFanMac said...

Fluff Castro, Fat Ollie and Mo. Perfect.

Is it just me or is exploding with pointless articles about Citi's amenities?

Schneck said...

Off topic for a second, I just saw this horrible (and late) April fools joke saying that we signed Sheffield. Not funny.

Cernunous said...

Dude don't forget to take a picture of Section 4 in the Citifield Fan walk

kcenhcS said...

Earning the Metsradamus name....

Ceetar said...

well MetFanMac, given that the Mets haven't (until tonight) played any baseball in Citi, what else are they supposed to talk about?

Metstradamus: All the "Taste of the Citi/City" stuff out in RF is awesome. All four places have exclusive beers, which is cool. I'd definitely recommend checking those out. the cannoli, and/or the blue/orange black and white cookie is a little more towards the infield, inthe worlds faire/fare/fair? marketplace. still in RFish area though. (Still struggling on what the names of these places are)

Ceetar said...

Also, I'll be at the game as well. Prom Club sectoin 423 row 2! Go me! Admission to hte promenade club! (is it open? what the hell is it? yah!)

Look for me. I'll be the guy in the Wright jersey. I'm sure i'll stand out.

Metstradamus said...

KcenhcS, man I had forgotten about that. Why was I cursed with such foresight? Oh well, at least Daniel Murphy is still alive.

Ceet, Thanks for the insight. Hope you stayed dry. I'm jonesing for the cannollis.

I'll wave at you from the Pepsi Porch.